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    Philip Golander

    Cool update! Something that would be even cooler is to add Rich Content to the UI, like we can see in Macros today - is that planned in the near future? 

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    Xander Court

    Ah, descriptions! That's fantastic, really glad to see those being implemented.


    Will it be possible to set multiple "OR" conditions in the future?

    It would be really useful to be able to have multiple blocks of "Meet ANY of the following conditions", which would give the option of writing triggers such as:


    Meet ALL of the following conditions

    Ticket status is changed to Solved
    Agent Replies > 0

    Meet ANY of the following conditions

    Ticket Group is Group A
    Ticket Group is Group B

    AND Meet ANY of the following conditions

    Ticket Type is Incident
    Ticket Type is Problem


    That's just a random example I wrote up, but sometimes I want to have multiple OR clauses - sometimes it's meant I've had to write multiple triggers and clutter up my list, and other times I've had to put long lists of "Is Not" clauses into the Meet ALL section.

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    DJ Jimenez

    When editing multiple triggers it's extremely helpful to open each one as a separate browser tab. Currently it loads up the full agent experience in each tab instead of just the admin experience - "/agent/admin/triggers/" vs "/admin/triggers/". Opening up multiple full instances is a huge drain on resources when editing trigger sets and makes the trigger edit interface that much smaller.

    Can you please consider updating the linking so new tabs open up "/admin/triggers" instead of "/agent/admin/triggers/"? Or re-vert the update from a week ago to "/rules?filter=" so that editing views / macros / triggers / automations stay within "/rules/" instead of opening up "/agent/admin/"? Any extra interface bulk slows down the editing process.

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    Deidre Jones

    I have to admit it's pretty awesome to have the ability to search for a newly added field instead of trying to eye it when you have over 100. I also like that we can add descriptions, very nice. 

    Add some color back though... like the features but really plain. 


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    Kristen Mirenda

    Hi @all -- thank you so much for suggestions! They're all great ideas, and while none of them is specifically planned right now, I am keeping track of all the feature requests I get. Whenever we start a new project focus, we go back and find all the related requests and take on as many as makes sense.

    Just an update on the rollout -- we had some bug reports this morning so we've rolled back to beta while we get a handle on them. We don't want anyone stuck with a non-working trigger edit page. If you were seeing the new design before, you might see the old one for a few days. Apologies for the delay, but we're hoping to lose no more than a couple of days off the rollout timeframe.


  • Hi @kristen if those ideas are not planned right now, which ones have you guys planned for the near future? 

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    Kristen Mirenda (Edited )

    Hi @quentin -- our next area of focus is change management and providing better tools to troubleshoot business rules. We have some features already designed and dev starts next week, after we've cleared the rollout of the new page. 

    Rollout update for you guys: we squashed those bugs and we're back now, currently at 60%. Hoping to wrap things up by the end of this week. Given how critical this functionality is, we'll continue to be conservative. Please file a ticket if you see anything weird!

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    Kristen Mirenda

    Happy Friday! We've been at 100% rollout for about a day now, so the new trigger edit screen should be available to all accounts. If you see anything buggy, please file a ticket for fastest response! There are a few minor issues we're working to fix today.

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    Hey all!

    While I do agree the new UI looks great, overall, the larger font when selecting a condition of a trigger is not so awesome. 

    Specifically this list:

    This list used to have a small enough font, that I could see most/all of the options, which made it easier to craft triggers. Now, I can only see about 15% of my total options, which makes selecting the right condition significantly more difficult.

    Are there any plans to make the scroll menu for conditions larger? I believe myself and many, many others would like to see more of the list at once, so we can create the best triggers possible.

    Thanks for your time!

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    Daniel Cooper

    Hi Kristen!  

    I'm seeing some strange behavior in this rollout related to triggers I have today that had checks or actions for empty fields.  

    For example, one of my triggers resets tags using the Set tags action. If I tell it to Set tags and leave it blank, this has allowed me to remove all tags when the trigger fires. Now there appears to be a validation happening that prevents me from saving updates to this trigger unless I provide at least one tag for the Set tags action.  I could use remove, but my goal is to clear the slate for tags in this scenario. 

    In addition, I have triggers that check if the ticket type is blank in their conditions. If Type is blank, the other conditions determine if the ticket should be a question, task, or incident ticket. I was able to resolve this by replacing Type is blank to Type is not Incident, Type is not Question, Type is not Problem with an action to set Type > Incident.  

    In these scenarios, I found a fix, but these were existing triggers and I went in to make minor updates and had to rethink how they worked before I could achieve the changes I needed to make.

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    Kristen Mirenda

    Hi @rudolph -- thank you for the feedback around the font size in the menu -- I've asked our designer to take a look. 

    Hi @daniel -- I'm sorry to hear about the impact to your workflow! Our intent with the redesign was to tighten it up the form validation; it seems that the ability to use the blank values was accidental and officially unsupported. But we do see how it can be useful, so we're giving some thought to the best way to support it, which may or may not be going back to loose validation. It sounds like you have a workaround in place in the meantime, which it good news.

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    Deidre Jones


    We are noticing that some of our triggers have just stopped working since the roll out of the new page. I reviewed the ones that were reported and nothing has changed. In testing in our Sandbox, we're experiencing the same behavior; the trigger is just not executing. 

    I removed all conditions for each trigger in our Sandbox and added them back the exact same way, then the trigger starts executing. In our production environment I had to do that twice. 

    I really like the updated page. Unfortunately I don't know how far this extends. Obviously it's not all the triggers in our environment (or we'd have a mess), just strange behavior.



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    Kristen Mirenda

    Hi @deirdre -- I'm sorry to hear you're having trouble with the new page! Please file a ticket so one of our Advocates can troubleshoot this and figure out what's going on.

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    Jessie Schutz

    Hey Deidre!

    I see that you haven't opened a ticket on this yet, so I've taken the liberty of getting one started for you. Someone from our support team will be in touch soon!

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