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    This doesn't work because LastPass won't pull up the password associated with the host-mapped domain.

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    Adam L.

    Hi Jeremy, 

    This is an older tip - you're correct.  If you're host-mapped, we no longer authenticate you against the domain (this dates back to when all Support agents needed to auth against  

    If you associate your LastPass to your host-mapped URL, it should now work as expected. 

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    Kevin Taber (Edited )

    Even using my host-mapped URL it is not working for me.


    Added 2 URLs:


    Always get this prompt and it never auto-fills:

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    Amie Brennan

    Hi Kevin,

    Thanks for the updates on this. I've seen this happen before myself with another piece of software I use and Lastpass wasn't filling in the login fields for me when I clicked on it to do so. I later discovered that I needed to install the LastPass web browser extension for the clicking action to work properly and the fields become filled out. 

    Are you able to confirm if you have the LastPass web browser extension installed on your browser? If not, are you able to please try installing the extension and then giving this another go from there? Hopefully that will do the trick for you and the fields will autofill like you are looking for. :)



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    Martin MacDonald


    I would like to share that I have the same experience.  I do have the LastPass extension installed in FireFox and Chrome.  I experience the same behavior, I must search out my password and paste it in the field.

    I have several Zendesk accounts.  My company uses Zendesk for our support tickets, I am an agent there.  A company we represent uses Zendesk to track issues, I am a User there.  Nixplay uses Zendesk, I am a User on their instance, the list goes on.

    Anyway, it is just very tricky.  I would love to know exactly which URL I should place in my LastPass entries so autofill would work.

    Thanks in advance.


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    Kevin Taber

    Amie, I use the Chrome extension.

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