Why are a user's primary and secondary email changing when they log in with SSO?

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  • Andreas Pfeiffer

    Hi Anna,

    I'd like to add a comment to your response, in particular when you say : "Zendesk considers all information passed-in via the SSO response to be the truth".

    I somehow agree, nevertheless, it doesn't say that you have behind each sso email a mail service ! So, if you send the notification to the same SSO email address, the mail may not reach out the user.

    Let's take typically the example of google. You have the possibility to add users in google without any service, even gmail services. These users are meant for authentication purposes only.

    So let's say you have your primary email (with mail service) and a secondary email (without mail service). If you authenticate yourself with the secondary email, you will jump into zendesk for sure. But after, you'll never receive the notification from zendesk - as the secondary email became the primary email.

    Conclusion : zendesk should reconsider this hardcoded stuff and give the possibility to the admin to set email for authentication and/or notification. It could be the same (email) or not !



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