Using Google Tag Manager with your Help Center

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  • Taylor Goldsberry
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    Does this track activity within articles? Will this track user IDs? 

    My goal is to understand what my users are clicking within the guide. For example, If I embed a youtube video does ZD or GA track click through metrics?


  • Dan Kondzela
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    Hey Taylor, thanks for the question!

    I can understand the need to keep track of what is going on in your help center! The Google Analytics code described in this document and on this one here - - will be tracked within Google Analytics.

    These process on our help center are meant to help describe the implementation process but gathering information and reading the results is something that will need to be done on the Google side of things. 

    I hope this offers you a point to start from. For more information about what information is tracked I would recommend working with Google directly.

  • Iris Vermeulen
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    I was happy to find this article. However, when I tried to find the right place to paste the snippet, my view does not correspond with the article steps.

    I am talking about this step:

    Add the embed code to your Help Center

    Now you'll paste the embed code from Google Tag Manager into two templates in your Help Center theme.

    1. In Guide, click the Customize design icon () in the sidebar, then click Edit theme.
    2. Paste the first snippet in the Document Head template


    With number 1, I can click on the Customise design icon, but I am unable the find the Edit theme button, let alone end up in the menu that is showed on the image. 

    Where do I have to paste the 2 snippets?

    Please help


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