Can I change the priority level of the email notifications sent from my ticket updates?

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  • James Gander

    So when a client's email server receives emails from our Zendesk, and they only deliver low priority emails at midnight, the only way round that is fro us to change the priority of the call? If we make it medium or high priority, the email priority is changed accordingly?


    Do I have that right?


  • Christopher Hanson

    Hi James,

    Yes that is correct. In order to adjust the priority of an email being sent from your Zendesk account, you would need to adjust the priority level of the ticket within your Support account. Adjusting the ticket to a medium or high priority would also adjust the priority of the email being sent to medium or high. 

  • James Gander

    Why would that even be a thing?I have a client who only distributes emails with a low priority setting at midnight, so users don't get updates until the next day.  This major government department has to change their whole process for mail handling because Zendesk decides on this policy? Hmmm.  


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