How does Zendesk Talk handle inbound calls from callers with no caller ID?

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  • Stefan Gass

    Hi Christopher,

    the problem with this solution is, that all calls from unknown numbers are linked to ONE user which is "Caller Unknown", although in most cases the requesters are not linked to each other.

    Also sometimes our agents try to merge this user with an existing user. This does not correspond to the current concept and creates a huge mess.

    From my point of view it would make more sense to create a NEW unknown user for every unknown call.

    Can you share your thoughts on that?


  • Michel

    Hi Stefan, 


    The issue with the Caller Unknown feature is that this feature is set up on the callers carrier end. This is meant to hide their number when they call out and we do not get any data to assign to work with. In the end, no matter what the caller is, if they are blocking their outbound caller ID, what we are given in Zendesk it 0 Data. 

    Since we are processing this data as it comes, the program is not aware that these incoming calls can be coming from different users. This results in one created end-user profile in your Zendesk account and all incoming calls following this pattern are going to end up in the same user profile. 

    Merging those numbers into a different user is not going to work either since, if you have several customers using that feature on their end, only one of these users will have this number assigned as a direct line. All the other customers will with that number would have this number as a linked number which would mean that if one of those customers calls, the ID showing up would be the customer having this number as a direct line associated to their profile. 

    The best way to process these calls would be to change the the requester as soon as the call comes in to reflect the phone number they are calling from (you would need to ask them what their actual number is) or by the requesters email address: 

    I hope this makes sense to you and if you have other questions you can always contact us at





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