Best practices: Setting up Answer Bot triggers, views, and workflows

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  • Orin Amos

    Any Update on this as using the flow to add the tag answer_bot_solved does not work, when I reached out to Zendesk support and they let me know I have my triggers set correctly but not sure "why trigger didn't fire as expected although I understand that these conditions are in our article"  

    My question is, can you add a trigger based off the system created triggers ( ab_resolved ) when no agent touches the ticket? 

    As this trigger doe snot work at all and will not add the tag answer_bot_solved  to a ticket solved by an end-user. 

    1. Click the Admin icon () in the sidebar, then select Business Rules > Triggers.
    2. Create a new trigger - call it Answer Bot: Tag as solved
    3. Set the following Conditions:
      • Ticket | Is | Updated
      • Requester Role | Is | (end user)
      • Current user | Is | (end user)
      • Ticket Status | Changed to | Solved
      • Ticket Channel | Is | Email
      • Ticket Tags | Contains at least one of the following | ab_resolved
    4. Add the following Actions:
      • Select Add tags from the drop-down list and then insert the tag answer_bot_solved.
    5. Save the trigger.
  • Joyce Natividad
    Zendesk Customer Advocate

    Hey Orin,

    I can see that you have an open ticket on this issue, which is actively being investigated by a member of our Advocacy team.

    You will receive an email update on the status of the request.


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