Troubleshooting: Answer Bot isn't suggesting articles Follow



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    Thomas D'Hoe


    Little update to this article (see under).
    Answer bot is now available in more languages than only Engelish!


    The ticket is not English

    Answer Bot is currently available in English only. Any tickets from an unsupported language will either get no results, or potentially have your English articles be suggested.

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    Vassilios Lourdas

    Hello, I am trying to test a ticket submitted in English and German, but I get results only when I add text in English, while the articles have a German translation. Any help?

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    Mike Mortimer

    Hey Vassilios, I've created a ticket for the support team to look into this for you.

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    Vassilios Lourdas

    Hi Mike, actually after activating it does send, but when testing the triggers in German, then I get no suggestions, while on the live system I do. Strange.

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    Blake Freeman

    Why is answerbot disabled for followup tickets? Is there any way to enable it?

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