How are CCs in Zendesk different from CCs in an email client?

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  • Jamie Danjoint

    Hi! I don't quite understand how this works. I copy the cc: placeholder code in the email body of my trigger? When I do that, it just adds the name and email of the cc: person in the body of my email notification to the ticket requester. Is it supposed to be in the actual cc: line of the email? Seems odd to be in the body of the email...I feel like I'm missing something. :)


  • Jessie - Community Manager

    Hey Jamie!

    The purpose of the placeholder is to add the corresponding information to the body of the email notification. Some users like to add the CCs placeholder so that their users are fully aware of anybody else who has eyes on their ticket.

  • Kevin Ford

    We often (>80% of tickets) have the requester CC other users that are part of their organization. It is SUPER confusing for them (even though I've shown the list of CC'd users using liquid markup) to not see the other users in the CC field of the email. I understand why this is done given the complexity of email CCs but CC'd agents are shown in the CC field.

    Is it at all possible for Zendesk to generate unique emails for each CC'd user and "spoof" the display name in the CC field?

  • Ricky Davis

    Hello, Kevin!


    I am very sorry, but there is not currently a way for Zendesk to populate the CC fields in email clients. We are improving CC functionality, so I feel like this would be good to point out to our developers in our Product Feedback forums as a feature that you would like to see in the release.

    Follow our Announcements section for updates!


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