Workflows for created and flagged articles using the Knowledge Capture app (Guide Professional and Enterprise)

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  • Mary Paez

    Hi Jennifer,


    Can you point me to the ZD Community that discusses Team Publishing.  I noticed we now have those options available and I would like to post Qs/Concerns once we start testing it.


  • Jennifer Rowe

    Hi Mary!

    Yes, the Team Publishing community is here:


  • Pedro Luis Charney


    In our help center, one of the most used features is the community.

    And often times, there is already a answer to a ticket in a post on our community.

    But when the agent insert the community post link, the Knowledge capture app don't recognize that as a link =/.


    Is there a way to make the KCA get the links from the community posts as well?

  • Mary Paez

    Good idea that we would support!


    I want to add that any 3rd party link should be allowed to be added thru the KC appl also.  This would allow the KC appl to include these links in the metrics for reporting purposes.

  • Dan Cooper

    I'm curious if anyone has come up with some workflows for routing flagged article tickets to multiple groups based on where the ticket is located.  I'm trying to map out how I could use this process on an instance that has a lot of separate teams that may have completely different knowledge partners in their respective organization.  Looking at the available details on the tickets created from the Knowledge Capture app, it appears that there isn't much to pull from unless the article or comments contain certain keywords that helps isolate an article to a specific team. 

    Has anyone built a workflow like this to support flagging from multiple teams?

  • Madison Davis

    I've been thinking about your question, Daniel, and one option is to create a trigger that looks at keywords in the ticket title:

    However, I recognize that in complex content ecosystems this wouldn't likely be sustainable.

    For any others facing the same issue, Daniel created this feature request with a great outline of his use case and ideal workflows. Feel free to chime in with your support!

  • Lila Kingsley

    Hi Zendesk, the note in this section of the article ( states that you cannot disable the ability to create articles in the app, but you can!

  • Nicole - Community Manager

    Thanks for bringing that to our attention, Lila! The documentation team is updating the article as we speak.

  • Jennifer Rowe

    Yep, all set now! 

    That's a setting that was added some time after the KC app was released and we missed updating the note here.

    Thanks again for letting us know, Lila!


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