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    Trying to run a report of:


    Agent/Admin touches 

    Agent/Admin solved tickets

    Broken down by individuals over a previous week basis (or Week of the quarter etc)


    Thanks in advance!

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    Eugene Orman


    You can use one or multiple Agent touches metrics mentioned in this article + # Tickets Solved metric.

    Report settings: 

    WHAT -  # Tickets Solved and one/two Agent touches metrics
    HOW - UpdaterWeek (Mon-Sun)/Year (Event)
    FILTERS - Updater Role is Agent, Admin

    Example report:



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    Kim Lake

    Does anyone have best practice for using the above, but limiting the report to only show a select set of agents within the Agent role? 

    Our agents would be in multiple groups, and tickets are passed from group to group so we're struggling to report filtering on groups. We tried creating a department tag on the user, but this seems to only filter the results if the agent is the ticket requester so not ideal if we're trying to count # tickets touches.

    Does anyone have any ideas? 

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    Tyler Jackson

    What exactly counts as an "Agent Touch" in Zendesk?

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    Eugene Orman

    @Kim, you can use the Variables GoodData feature to create specific sets of agents in Insights - 

    @Tyler,  there are multiple default metrics that can be referred to as Agent Touch. So, you need to decide which metric to use in your workflow. Agent touch can be an update on a ticket or a comment or a specific type of comment. 

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    Tyler Jackson

    @Eugene if an agent updates multiple fields on a ticket, does that count as multiple touches when they submit the changes or is that counted as one update when they submit it?

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    Eugene Orman

    Hey Tyler,

    It is a good question.  These will be counted as one update in Insights. So, each time a ticket is submitted at least with one field change it is counted as an update.

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    Christina Jimenez



    Do chat and talk tickets get counted as agent touches? I'm unsure since there isn't a standard comment left in these cases, but they tickets generated to show the transcript of the chat or the recording of the call may in fact count as something. Looking for the best way to simply measure how many single customer service actions an agent is completing (solved tickets isn't helpful for us.)




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    Shiri Ronen-Attia


    In the example you have above can you explain the difference between # ticket updates and # Total ticket updates - what does the total metric include that the first one does not?


    Thank you


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    Hervin Centeno

    Hi Christina,

    I would personally consider the creation of a Chat/Talk ticket as an agent touch. Based off our documentation, we do not have a definitive description of what an agent touch is. Generally speaking, most users will consider a ticket update or comment to be an agent touch. Sometimes they'll one or the other, but it can also be both.

    Since you're looking for the best way to measure how many individual customer service actions an agent is taking, I would consider just using ticket comments as a primary metric to measure agent activity. Ticket updates would include individual ticket updates like adding a tag, changing a ticket's status, and other benign actions that may not be the best indicator of productivity. 

    Ultimately the metric you use will depend on your workflow and KPI's your team measures, but ticket comments in conjunction with other metrics can usually paint a decent picture of your agents' productivity.

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    Hervin Centeno

    Hi Shiri,

    The main difference between # Ticket Updates and Total Ticket Updates is that the former is a metric that's available by default, whereas you would need to create a custom metric to measure the total amount of ticket updates by an agent.

    Additionally, Total Ticket Updates would capture every single update an agent has made on a ticket. # Ticket Updates only captures updates when a ticket text field has been updated. Like the article notes, a text field is any non-numeric ticket field excluding tags and comments. The most frequently used text fields are status, priority, group, assignee, custom drop-down, and check box.

    To address your question, updates to a ticket like making comments and making any change to the ticket fields would count in Total Ticket Updates whereas the other is a bit more selective.

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    Christopher Carson


    For some reason I am not able to find the # Total Ticket Updates. Maybe I am missing something. Please let me know!



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    Travis Rider

    Hello Christopher,

    The # Total Ticket Updates metric is a custom metric. There is a Total Ticket Updates section in this article before the instructions for creating the report that provides detail on creating that metric 


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