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    Trying to run a report of:


    Agent/Admin touches 

    Agent/Admin solved tickets

    Broken down by individuals over a previous week basis (or Week of the quarter etc)


    Thanks in advance!

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    Eugene Orman


    You can use one or multiple Agent touches metrics mentioned in this article + # Tickets Solved metric.

    Report settings: 

    WHAT -  # Tickets Solved and one/two Agent touches metrics
    HOW - UpdaterWeek (Mon-Sun)/Year (Event)
    FILTERS - Updater Role is Agent, Admin

    Example report:



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    Kim Lake

    Does anyone have best practice for using the above, but limiting the report to only show a select set of agents within the Agent role? 

    Our agents would be in multiple groups, and tickets are passed from group to group so we're struggling to report filtering on groups. We tried creating a department tag on the user, but this seems to only filter the results if the agent is the ticket requester so not ideal if we're trying to count # tickets touches.

    Does anyone have any ideas? 

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