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  • Nik Mithani
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    The “New Request” button on the results page of the Zendesk API Console pops up a new page with the request params of prior request filled in which is great. However hitting the Go button on the new page does not run the REST call even if none of the original params have been edited.

    The only way to run a 2nd call from the (new) Request page is to reload the browser and re-key in all the params again which is extremely tedious. I tried this with IE and Chrome. Is this a defect or is this intentional? 

  • Joseph May
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    Hi Nik-

    I just tested this by running a call, and after I received the response hit the 'new request' button. The params from my original request were there, and upon hitting go a second time, I received the response.
    If there are specific steps or conditions unique to what you are doing, and this is still occurring and impacting your usage of the Zendesk REST API, my best suggestion would be to submit a ticket to our support team at support@zendesk.com.


  • Matt Searle
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    Hi Nik and Joseph,

    I think this relates to the Catchpas to prevent bots making API calls: https://support.zendesk.com/hc/en-us/articles/360001924768-Why-do-I-see-a-CAPTCHA-security-check-page-in-Zendesk-Web-or-API-

    The API console doesn't handle the response requiring a CATCHPA entry very well (at all) so nothing happens. Joseph, you probably don't see it because you'll be on a whitelisted IP.


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