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    Very interesting move that Zendesk asks you pay 2x the price to have a diagnostics call to help them test their service. I am still upset that basic functionality isn't there such as:


    1) The ability to tell if an agent is on a call within a ticket they may be calling on

    2) Call functionality is still missing from mobile apps (most other providers have this)

    3) Ability to use a headset wirelessly, zendesk support even makes fun when you call in for support

    4) Can't change any sounds at all

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    Nicole - Community Manager

    Josh, I'm sorry to hear that you've had a bad experience with this change and moreover with anyone on our support team. I'll be reaching out to you privately to learn more about what happened and discuss your concerns. 

    There are many competing priorities and decisions that have to be made with every product decision, and they're rarely straightforward or easy to explain. Some decisions are made based on how many customers they will impact, others are made based on what's realistic for us to develop given the existing system, and still others are simply a tough choice between equally important functions and features.


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