Zendesk Guide: Announcing the Knowledge Capture app Follow



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    Lotus Themes

    Thanks for this great app! It will be very handy. We are looking forward to using it. 



    Lotus Themes Team 

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    Wouter van Gessel

    We were just wondering what the new icon is in the sidebar app, it looks a but like a dogs nose, or a tiny plant? :)

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    Deepa Daniels

    Thanks for the feedback Wouter. :-) I have passed it on to our designer. 

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    Mikan Puli

    Hello! Does this use macros or Help Canter articles?


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    Nicole - Community Manager

    Hi Mikan - 

    The KCS app is an application that helps you to answer questions in your support tickets using Knowledge Base articles in your Help Center, and to create new articles in your Help Center out of ticket interactions. Does that help? 

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