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    Jacob J Christensen

    In my modified Copenhagen theme I had some minor details break, presumably because my css had declared color properties as $color_1, I see that a fresh version of the Copenhagen theme now uses new names for these (same?) variables, e.g.: $brand_color and $brand_text_color.

    Is there a reference for these variables somewhere, and shouldn't the old ones still work?

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    Augusto Cravo Silva

    Hi Jacob,

    The variables of each theme are defined in manifest.json file you can see and edit when you export the theme.

    On migration, if you modified your CSS or other files, we will keep the variables as $color_X both in the css file and in the manifest file. So, you should not be seeing any changes. Please let us know the steps you took, so that we can investigate.

    If you add a new Copenhagen theme, that one will have the new variable names, as you saw.

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    Jacob J Christensen

    Hi Augusto,

    Ahh, ok it makes sense then.

    • I had manually copied the templates I had applied changes to, from an older version of the Copenhagen theme
    • Created a fresh new Copenhagen theme
    • Pasted in the original templates, including the CSS, saved and went live.

    I never exported the new theme, so wasn't aware that anything had changed.

    As far as I can tell, the only thing that broke was the coloring of the article vote boxes (Was this article helpful? yes/no).

    Thanks for the quick response!

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