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  • Niclas Kårlin

    From what I have seen, this part of the KC app misses the ability of copying the info from the ticket, as the "Ticket to Help Center" has. Or am I missing something?

  • Sandra Quental

    I'm with Niclas here. This "Create knowledge" button just opens a copy of a saved template, but it does not transfer the content of the ticket there. Is it up to the user to copy and paste the info? I was expecting something more automatic.

  • Jennifer Rowe
    Zendesk Documentation Team

    Hi Niclas and Sandra,

    You are right--the Create knowledge button enables you select a template created by your team. Then you have to manually add the content into the ticket.

    Sorry it's not more automatic at this point, like the Ticket to Help Center app is.

  • @Jennifer - it's a great start.  What I'm finding crazy is, if we create a new article from the app, we then have to refresh the app and search by title to link the ticket to the article we just created.  I'm creating the article, I know that it's going to be linked to my ticket.  If it's determined later to be a duplicate we can unlink/delete the article, but that's the exception not the rule.  Any plans to enhance that? It's very disjointed.     

  • I've found that you agents are able to create articles from the KC app even if the section and articles are marked as draft. But light agents on the other hand are not able to create article even if the section and the articles (template) are published. 

    Is there a restriction to light agent to being able to create articles from the KC app ?

  • Jennifer Rowe
    Zendesk Documentation Team

    Hi Gabriel,

    Light agents are not able to create or edit articles in the Help Center whether they are using the app or not. See the Guide section in the table of Light Agent permissions here:

  • Does anyone have any advice?  We're in a season of creating a lot of content. 

    1. When I create a new article from the KC App, I save and close the newly opened tab/window.  When I'm back in my ticket, is the only way to find what I just created to search for it by name in the app?

    2. If I instead rely on my approvers to link articles back to the originating tickets, how do they know the ticket ID it came from?  Are agents supposed to manually type the ticket ID in the article they create?  

    Anyway I look at it there seems to be a cumbersome step of linking the article I just created to the ticket it initially relates to.  Anyone have any good solution for this?  We've tried 3 different approaches and my agent find it very frustrating. 

  • Stuart Buddrige

    @Jennifer Rowe

    Are there any plans for the Create knowledge button to automatically add the content of a ticket into the knowledge capture draft template? This seems like it should be a fairly standard thing for this app to do.


  • Jennifer Rowe
    Zendesk Documentation Team

    Hi Stuart,

    The team has talked about that (automatically adding the content of a ticket in new articles though the KC app) as being a possible improvement, but there are no current plans to add it.


  • Mary Paez

    I also think this would help us in the future.  But, not an immediate need.

  • Satia Stevens at Button

    Hi Jennifer,

    Is there a feature request to push the last comment of a ticket into the KC app? the app isn't meeting the expectations of our team -- we thought it would at least copy the last comment or the entire ticekt contents into the article. As it is, the team is finding it very manual to write up a case into an article draft. 


    Our ideal workflow: 

    1. Click KC app and select template

    2. Template-copy populates with either the last internal comment or all content of ticket

    3. Agent quickly creates an outline of the article and saves it as Draft

    4. Agents navigate to a KB "queue" and find their article or someone else's article. Agent finishes article. 

    5. Agent routes article for review and approval. 

    6. Agent publishes article. 

    In it's current state, we're not finding the app to be that different than simply creating a new KB article directly on the portal. Doesn't really save any time or add much efficiency. I'd definitely like to upvote a feature request or create one. 




  • Jennifer Rowe
    Zendesk Documentation Team

    Hi Satia,

    Thanks for your feedback. Can you post it in our Product Feedback topic? That way other users can vote on it and comment. Also, Product managers will see it, as they monitor feedback in that section. They might miss it here in the documentation.

    When you add it, share the link here, if you want, so users can go vote for it.


  • William Grote

    I was totally under the impression as were the first two posters that this app would import the ticket content that you wish to make an article from, what is the value without that?  

  • Brett Bowser
    Zendesk Community Team

    Hi William,

    Unfortunately the Knowledge Capture app is not configured to worth that way in it's current state, however, our Product Managers are aware of the feedback :) 

    We will also get this article updated to reflect this limitation. 

    Thanks for taking the time to share this with us!

  • Jay Lee

    Looking for information on creating different language versions of a template.  I have a template and created 4 different language versions of it in the same way you create different language versions of other articles.  But, when I use the KCapp to create knowledge, I can only see the english version.  Even if I select the template then manually toggle to a different language, they are all the same as the english version, even though in guide, all the languages have their own version.  Any suggestions?


  • Renato Milan dos Santos

    Same need as Jay Lee here.

  • Renato Milan dos Santos

    Hi, there!

    Feedback on Support has just been posted: Listing Knowledge Capture templates rather than default language only. I count on your votes!



  • Chris

    Hi There!

    Same as William Grote

    Any news on the automated copy to the Knowledge Capture app.

    What's the point if the support team has to do it manually? They might as well just jump in to guide and create an article based on a template.... 

    I understood the ideas was to pull the content of a ticket and automate the article creation. 

    + 1 for the translation. 

    Thanks for your help 


  • Devan - Community Manager
    Zendesk Community Team

    Hello Chris,

    We have no new announcements at this time on this feature. I would recommend sharing your use case in our product feedback forums so our development team can consider implementing changes in a future update. 

    Best regards. 


  • Stuart Buddrige

    It's a totally pointless app without this functionality.


    The standard ' sharing your use case in our product feedback forums,,,' response is getting boring now, nothing is EVER done about this (my original comment was 2 years ago and still no movement).


    How about the product team actually do something about this issue this time around?

  • Keith Williams

    When are you going to make this feature be more automatic? The first comment is 3 years old. You've had 3 years to update this. Clearly, it is something that everyone wants and expects. Especially with the prices you all charge. Nickel and diming everywhere.

  • Rich Andersen


    I was just wondering what happens after step 8 once the Agent clicks Save? Where does the new article appear so the Help Centre Manager/Admin can approve and publish?

  • Maggie Ungerboeck
    Community Moderator

    Hi Rich,

    It is saved in Guide. You can view it from Guide by clicking the Guide Admin option next to the logged in user information. You should see it in the In Progress section on that screen.


  • Saeleum Kim

    This app is amazing. But, is there a way to create articles with the template from the Zendesk guide, not from a ticket? 

    We have a separate team who only creates article. I want to make them to use the same template generated from the knowledge capture app to make all articles to be consistent. 

    Thank you for your help

  • Cheeny Aban
    Zendesk Customer Advocate

    Hi Saeleum,

    As of the moment, that is not yet possible with the Knowledge Capture App, but we understand your need for this functionality so I am marking your comment as Product Feedback. We truly value customer feedback and your voice and votes in the product feedback topics in the community help influence future Zendesk functionality.



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