Legacy Salesforce: Validating a Salesforce phone number in Zendesk Support

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  • German

    Hello There - I was told by support the number or direct dial of  customer must be in +1########## without any spaces for Talk to be able to recognize the number. I don't have phone number validation enable but I'm passing a number in this format from salesforce using a formula text field but Zendesk is re formatting the number to (###) ###-####

    How can I prevent this if Talk will not work with it? Can you enhance Talk to recognize this otherwise? Thank you any one out there

  • Joe Beaudoin


    You are correct that Talk requires number formatting - specifically, E.164:


    When you have the "validate user phone numbers" setting disabled, it will allow numbers to come through in some other format than E.164. It might be the case that the API integration somehow changes the formatting - that part I'm not positive on - but what i can say confidently is that with that setting enabled, API calls will fail when a number passes in with anything but the E.164 formatting. With that, you shouldn't have any issues with Talk working with the number in question.

    Hopefully this helps! Feel free to submit a ticket if you're interested in more specific support for your use case!


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