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    Joel Hellman

    Thanks for this tip!

    The tip is very technical. I would love a follow up on what side effects of implementing this approach to publish articles in multiple locations are, so we can determine if this is something we should pursue or not. So, stuff like:

    • Effect on SEO/external search tools
    • Traffic tracking tools such as google analytics
    • How the approach works together with the article restrictions system in Help Center (e.g. viewing and editing)
    • Generated search results from the web widget and inside Help Center
    • Any other caveats worth considering
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    Charles Nadeau

    Thanks, Joel. I incorporated these questions in the intro for users to mull over. This is a user contribution, not an official Zendesk solution, so it's shared "as is".

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    Joel Hellman

    Fair enough. The tip will be helpful to those actively trying to implement this use case. Hopefully contributors from the community might assist with figuring out these questions, and leave their feedback comments to this post. 

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