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    Brendan Foley (Regent Solutions)

    This shows 2 metrics in the drill down, when I edit my reports I can only seem to add one.  Am I missing something?  

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    Dennis Lynn

    This screenshot in this guide is using a report that has two metrics in it. When you click "Show configuration" then click "Drill In Settings", you will see the option to add a drill step for each metric seen in your report. If you are only seeing one, it likely means that either A) You only have one metric in your report when you look under the "Show Configuration" section or B) You are seeing this in the report editor by clicking on the "What" of your report, and then by clicking on an individual metric. With option B, you are only going to see one option because you are only reviewing one metric at a time. I've highlighted where each of these are located in a screenshot from my test account below:

    I hope that helps clarify things here! Happy reporting!

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