Why do right-to-left HTML tags not display correctly in Help Center?

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  • ruth

    Hi Dylan, 
    How exactly to make the article title to be right-to-left format? I can do that in the article description, but not in the title.
    Can you please give me the guidance? Thank you.

  • Molly
    Zendesk Customer Success

    Hi Ruth,

    If you are using the default theme and the language code in the browser is set to a right-to-left language, the article title and subsequent content should default to the correct format. If you aren't seeing that, we would be happy to investigate for you further. Please send us a ticket at support@zendesk.com and we can take a look!

  • Jon Thorne

    Ruth, did you find a solution for the right-to-left format of the article titles? I'm having the same issue when I'm trying to launch our Arabic Guide site


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