Can I send one email to create two different tickets in two Zendesk accounts?

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  • Andrea Moore

    Is this something that is being worked on? If you won't create two tickets, can you have the other support account be listed as a CC? I have customers that will email multiple support groups and each group has an action they need to perform based on the email. Currently it only goes to one account and doesn't CC the others. The account that gets it doesn't know it should also go to other groups and the other groups are completely unaware of the ticket.

  • Nicole - Community Manager

    Hi Andrea - 

    Thanks for your inquiry. This is not something that the team is planning to develop. It's not a request we've seen from many users, and would require some heavy coding to make it work without breaking the inherent logic of the system. 

    That being said, the Product Manager is open to researching it if enough users have a need for it. You are welcome to create a new thread in the Product Feedback topic to see if other users have similar requirements. Here's how to create a feedback post


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