Publishing and syncing copies of articles in Help Center with the API

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  • Lynn

    Can I use this API to sync articles in our help desk to ZD help center?

  • Christophe

    Hello Charles,

    Sorry i'm not a tech guy but does this means we can create a multilingual library outside Zendesk which contains all the articles and the Help Center API automatically update the articles in the Help Centre based on this source? 

  • Charles Nadeau
    Zendesk Documentation Team

    Hi Christophe,

    The use case in this article is really about publishing the same article in different sections of the same Help Center.

    You can still use the Help Center API to publish content maintained outside the Help Center. Many ways to do it, but one would be to build a cron script to check folders periodically for updated or new articles, then publishing them to Help Center using the Create Translation or Update Translation endpoints.



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