Does Zendesk support read receipts?

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  • David Andrews


    We solved this problem! Our app is now live on the Zendesk app marketplace:

    Please feel free to use 'FIRSTMONTHFREE' to have the first month for free!



  • Jessie Schutz

    Hey David! Congratulations!

    This is fantastic news for a lot of our customers. I'll be sure to feature it in the February Community Roundup!

  • David Andrews

    Hi Jessie,

    Thank you so much!!! We really worked hard on this and are going to be adding more features. I would be willing to create content to discuss how it reduces fraud, increases sales close rate, etc.

    Please feel free to contact me at support at if you would like any content.

    Thanks again!



  • Scott Sorci

    Hi David - 

    I had a question regarding the MyReadReceipts app and pricing. It states on the App page, $1/user per month. Are we able to choose which agents we use this for? 

    i.e. If only two of my agents are doing collections and I only want to use it for them, would it only be $2/ month instead of all of my agents (15) being $15 per month? 


  • David Andrews

    Hi Scott,

    When you install the app you have the option to enable role restrictions by agent or group. If you have those 2 agents in a specific group you can restrict access to that specific group. If you have any questions you can contact us at support.



  • David Andrews

    My Read Receipts offers a proven read receipts solution. We currently process over 5 million pixels per day with single digit (in seconds) response times without fail. We are launching email verification, public portal and reporting Q1 2019.

    We are also offering free service until March for new users. You can install the app here: 

    Please use promo code MYREADRECEIPTS to take advantage of this promotion.

  • McCabe Tonna

    Hey everyone,

    Looking to implement this, However, since Read-receipts uses AW, their IP addresses are dynamic.


    @Zendesk, do you have a solution to allow API access for an IPs that is not whitelisted?

  • McCabe Tonna

    Testing out DeskPark right now; it works! - it does not require open IP. The only access it needs is it's own API key


    The "test" was read by my end-user account

  • Benjamin W.


    I have a few questions on the  "My Read Receipts" App:


    1) After it is fully set up, is an administrator able to create reports on tickets that have or have not been open? Would this be done at the google analytics page? (assuming id so this would happen by tag)
    2) Does the API string have to be manually placed in every ticket we wanted to see a read receipt on?
    3) What would a customer (user) see when having this set up on a ticket?
  • David Andrews

    Hi Benjamin,

    Answers below:

    1. We allow you to tag unread tickets so you can create views & automations. We are in the process of launching additional new reporting features and are always open to feedback / suggestions.

    2. We use your Notify requester of comment update trigger to automatically append our tag to the responses you wish to track.

    3. The customer sees nothing as the image is invisible. 

    Please let me know if you have any questions. I am happy to get on a screen share and walk you through the process. It takes less than 10 minutes.



  • Dmytro Lazarchuk

    Hello All!

    We launched an app that helps to track emails

    Most valuable benefits:

    1. Push-notifications
    2. Number of opens
    3. Note on behalf of an agent who sends the email.
    4. Free 14-day trial
    5. No complicated actions to install needed.

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