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    Stephen Belleau

    Way to go Zendesk! This is a great feature, definitely a step in the right direction for giving customers more control with permissions.


    One thing that would make this even better: allow us to create two different types of groups. For example, I would like to have "Ticket groups" that function the way groups do today, where tickets can be assigned to the group or agents within the group, e.g. "Tier 1 support > Agent1". I would also like to be able to create "User groups" that can be used for things like view sharing, macro sharing, and now app visibility, without the option for tickets to be assigned to this group.

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    DJ Jimenez (Edited )

    Hi Stephen,

    We use ticket groups for routing tickets and roster (user) groups for access permissions.

    To prevent tickets from going into a roster group, we use the Assignment Control app ( It hides the roster group from the agent interface so that tickets can't be transferred into it. 

    To do so, create your roster groups then create an "All" roster group that has all of your agents. Choose to hide each of your roster groups from the people in your "All" roster group and you're set.

    Since it's a labs app, there are still some cases where a ticket can be transferred into the group (ex bulk edit, triggers, etc) but we've been using the app for years just to control access to Views and Macros. We're really looking forward to controlling Apps access with roster groups now.

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    Stephen Belleau

    Thanks for the tip DJ! That app sounds great. 

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    Marty Whitby


    This is very handy. And I second the thanks for the additional tip from DJ too. 

    Thank you.

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    Jiri Fait

    Very useful update, thanks

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    Bart Brosens

    Great function!  but unfortunately it isn't working fully in our Zendesk instance.

    I've restricted the use of the same app in the example : time tracking.

    It only works for my user (i'm admin), but not for the other agents in my group. they still see the app.

    Tried in multiple browers, and tested by letting another agent log in on my computer, so it's not browser related.

    any ideas?







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    Phil Grove (Edited )

    Hi Bart, I will create a ticket for your issue and investigate further. Thank you for your feedback.

    EDIT: I see you already have a ticket open for this issue so I will continue to follow the conversation there.

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    Mindaugas Verkys


    Feature is good, but description is low. 

    1) Group restriction is for user group or for ticket group? 

    2) Combination of User role + Group it mean that user has to be in both or at least in one?

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    Jessie - Community Manager

    Hi Mindaugus!

    In the article, Phil is referring to agent groups. You can restrict each app so that specific groups of agents aren't able to see them.

    With regard to the more granular control he referred to, he just means that you can use the functionality of app visibility and user roles to have very specific control over what your agents can see in Zendesk. Neither of those features depends on the other in order to work.

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    Bruno Wisintainer


    Any chance we can do this at agent level without restructuring the groups? Reason being is sometimes we shift our agents from one group to another whenever they go on holidays or in case we have a brand doing some sale campaign and we shift people due to the requests overload.

    Is there any app or "workaround" to accomplish this?


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    Diogo Maciel

    Hi Bruno!

    At the moment, this is only available through group restrictions. If you would like to see this implemented, please create a post on our Product Feedback forum, which is constantly monitored by our developers when deciding for features for our road map

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