Why does Zendesk Chat update the assignee or group of an ended chat?

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  • Davide Troise
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    Hi Anna, 

    This behavior is wrong for SO MANY REASONS and is giving issues to a lot of Zendesk customers. 

    Most of the triggers for chat tickets use the first comment to decide whether to fire or not, and maybe assign the right group based on the first comment. Thanks to the behavior you explained, now the only solution would be applying a tag based on the first comment, and then when the tag zopim_chat_ended is added we should read the tags added earlier and assign the ticket to the correct group. And this is not how things worked, so now a lot of instances should duplicate their triggers. 

    Really NOT well done to whoever decided this update. 

  • Rob
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    I have to agree with the comment earlier. It was extremely frustrating to find that effective agents, who tag and assign tickets during a chat or immediately after are having their work undone by your trigger just because it takes some time to run.

    We have found tickets being reassigned to frontline agents when they were supposed to have been escalated.

    It is not always possible to just wait for the trigger to run as there are other tickets coming in, so this needs to be looked at again

  • Harrison Crerar
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    This functionality hinders the efficiency of our agents, and creates a risk to how our support is branded.

    Because our agents support multiple services, having the chat assign a ticket to an agent's default group means that they need to spend time after their support ticket updating the Brand, Group assignment, Forms, and Tags.

    Additionally, new Chat tickets are being assigned an agent's default group before a chat is concluded. This can cause confusion for both the agent and the end-user, especially if branded emails need to be sent to the end-user during or after the chat conversation and the relevant Brand/Group have not been properly assigned.

  • Roman Sheydvasser
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    Similar to Rob's comment, our team's goal is to make sure a ticket lands in the right person's queue after a chat ends, and having that effort undone can be very frustrating.

    The ability to end the chat on the user's side as well (similar to other chat systems) would help in making sure the ticket isn't re-assigned on its own because a user forgot/didn't explicitly end the chat on their side:



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