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  • Phil Mocek

    As of today, I regularly receive notifications in Zendesk Support stating:

    Your adblocker is preventing the Shopify sidebar app from loading. Please disable your adblocker or allow your Zendesk subdomain, and then refresh.
    What, specifically, does this indicate?
    Directing your customers to disable their ad blockers in order to use your application is a bit like a delivery company asking customers to leave their doors unlocked in order to have packages delivered--a more rational response would be to tell them when someone needs to be home to answer the door and accept the delivery.
    I will not disable privacy-protecting browser extensions like uBlock Origin or Privacy Badger.  Thus, in order to make use of this new functionality, I need to know what apparently-detrimental-to-privacy requests your application must make so that I can evaluate and potentially allow them.
  • Phil Mocek

    One week, a lengthy live chat, and about a half-dozen e-mail messages with Zendesk support staff (ticket 6376844), and I still have no answer.

    Zendesk staff refuse to tell me what causes this error message, instead suggesting again and again that I either disable privacy-protecting browser extensions for everything Zendesk serves or for every website I visit.  Neither is an acceptable workaround.

    There is no source code for me to review and no installation or operator manual to consult.

  • David Gillespie
    Zendesk Product Manager

    Hi Phil Mocek,

    Thanks for raising your concerns and providing this feedback.

    We introduced the error message to help customers de-bug the issue if their app wasn’t loading. Previously the app wouldn’t load and it wouldn’t provide context about why it wasn’t loading.

    This is an overview of how the ad-blocker specifically interferes with the Shopify sidebar app:

    1. Ad-blockers use regex to filter out certain requests.
    2. A default filtering rule matches on `v2/tracking/*’, meaning any request that contains this in the request url will be blocked
    3. The Shopify app sends requests to the below Zendesk endpoints on load to grab information regarding your Zendesk Account. This information is relied upon by the app & is required for the app to work.


    4. Following from the 2nd point, all of these above requests will be cancelled by client, which is what causes the perpetual loading issue.

    Fully appreciate that you don’t want to turn off your ad-blocker completely, so we’ve advised customers to do one of the following if they wish to use the Shopify sidebar app:

    • Add your Zendesk subdomain to the ad blocker’s allow-list. Go to your Zendesk subdomain, select your ad blocker extension and disable it for the current site
    • Add a custom rule in your ad blocker settings to allow all requests to your Zendesk subdomain from your Zendesk subdomain. For example, in uBlock, the custom rule syntax would be [ * allow]
    David Gillespie
  • Phil Mocek

    Thank you for the additional detail, David.

    Instead of a) disabling privacy-protecting extensions altogether (initial Zendesk suggestion--like a delivery company suggesting that I leave my house unlocked while I'm away), or b) disabling privacy-protecting extensions for anything served by Zendesk's site (second Zendesk suggestion, and the first that you described above--like a delivery company suggesting that I give them a door key for any of their staff to use), I configured one of my privacy-protecting extensions to explicitly allow the Zendesk webapp to use the three API endpoints you referenced.

    To do so, I added three rules, using uBlock Origin's Dynamic URL filtering, similar to these: xmlhttprequest allow xmlhttprequest allow xmlhttprequest allow
  • Jennifer Rowe
    Zendesk Documentation Team

    Hi Phil Mocek,

    Thanks to your question and feedback, we've created an article to help other users resolve this issue. 

    Shopify app in Support and Chat is not displaying information


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