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  • Jake Edwards

    How about starting with improving search for content that already exists within Support? We get so many people searching our knowledgebase for ticket #'s and ticket content all with zero results.

    Search should be smart enough to show content within Zendesk, first.

  • Adrian Bishop

    I have 2 questions regarding this feature: -

    1. Can the external content be a cloud drive, hosting documents?

    2. Can the external content be limited by user segment control?

    We have knowledge stored outside of Zendesk, mostly on in the form of PDFs, word docs etc. , however, we would only want to share this with a closed group, it cannot be available to the general public.

  • Ryan McGrew
    Zendesk Product Manager

    Hey Adrian Bishop,

    1. You could potentially have external content from a cloud drive. The document needs to have a URL where the user could access it as that's accessible. If you take a look at the API spec, you'll see the URL property.
    2.  Yes you can specify a user segment on external content records so they're only visible to Agent or other user segments.
  • Rachel M


    i had a few curious questions:

    1. will federated search results be suggested by answerbot or when filling out a form? or will it only show external results during searches directly in the search field in guide?
    2. will interactions that send someone to an external item via federated search be recorded in explore? (i'd imagine we'd want to know if someone found what they were looking for regardless where the data was held.)


  • Ryan McGrew
    Zendesk Product Manager

    Hey Rachel M

    1. Both of those are on our roadmap to deliver this year as enhancements on top of the current functionality.
    2. Right now we don't have reporting for external content clicks in Explore. I can definitely see how that would be useful and we'll consider how we can add that in the future.



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