Announcing changes to the Zendesk customer support experience

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  • Ayal Kellman

    Personally, I use chat as my first contact option. I wasn't aware of phone support and chat was far better for me than email and Zendesk's response times. 

    I like the immediacy and synchronous nature of chat. The asynchronous nature of email (in addition to the response times) ended up taking more of my time and most of my issues are solved when I get on chat. 

    While its possible that the Zendesk agents are indeed multitasking when live with a customer but honestly, it also allows me to multitask. 

    All that being said, I agree with others that Zendesk should recognize other use cases and not force everyone's hand as heavy handed as they are. 

  • Stefan Jonsson

    Will this messaging solution be available for us to use to support our own Customers? Right now, we do email and phone and were potentially looking into start using chat, but I would rather use messaging.  

  • Madison Davis
    Zendesk Community Team

    We'll now be releasing this new experience in late October 2021. This announcement has been edited to reflect the new date. We'll also be publishing some answers to the frequently-asked questions we're hearing here in the comments and on other channels, so stay tuned!

  • Madison Davis
    Zendesk Community Team

    We added answers to some of the most frequently-asked questions so far to the article. Please feel free to continue to ask any questions here in the comments! 

  • Ania Brych-Kadzinska

    Another improvement that doesn't improve things. And as CJ stated: pitched nicely, and nobody's buying that pitch anyway. 

    I am really shocked as to how come a company that sells tools for superb customer service provides such lousy service to their own customers. Just proves what it's all about. Waiting 2 weeks to get an email answered - shocking. Getting your request in chat not even answered in an hour, just "transferred to the technical team" - kind of makes it pointless to have a first-tier CC in chat really if you're not even using your own routing functions. Getting phone call/Zoom appointments with people who just provide you with pre-written stuff you can read in help articles yourself and are really of no help... SOOO frustrating for not just someone's paying for a top-level Zendesk product but for everyone!

  • C.W.Holeman III

    Jennifer Rowe

    What is the option to export ALL of my existing tickets in bulk. I really do not have the time to manually export the hundreds of tickets, one at a time. All of the emails have been deleted.

  • Kelly Danner
    Zendesk Team Member

    C.W.Holeman III - Reach out to our team and we can pull a report with your previous tickets

  • Jared Vicencio

    Hi, my company does not use the chat feature and use only the Ticketing system. I have a few questions on the Messaging system. 

    1. We've used Zendesk for many years and have about 200,000 tickets in our history. Oftentimes, we refer to historical tickets for information, data points, and even customer profiles. Overall, our Agents spend about 5-10 mins just doing research about the customer, his/her case history, and other information coming from different websites that are relevant to the customers' issues before we can begin responding to the customer. Is there a way we can download all of these at once?
    2. We use tags and other data fields for our reports (data analytics, sales, marketing, etc.). Does the messaging have the same features?
    3. Do you have a tutorial on Zendesk Explore (how to create reports, dashboards, etc.) that allow us to manage our queues in real-time and see our  reports according to problem/query types?
    4. Many of our Agents come from different parts of the world and they are very much dependent on Macros. Does Messaging have a similar feature as well?


  • Dave Dyson
    Zendesk Community Team

    Hi Jared,

    Thanks for the questions! I just want to make sure it's clear that the changes mentioned in the article above only affect how to get support from us – it doesn't mean there will be any changes to your own Zendesk instance, and how you provide support to your own customers. That said, let me try to address your questions:

    1. Your customer tickets are not affected by the above changes. If you were to add the Messaging channel to your own instance, this would still be true – your history of customer tickets will not be affected in that case, either, so your agents will still be able to search and browse them just like they can today. Messaging adds a new way for your customers to reach you, but ultimately, tickets are created from those conversations as well. However, if you want to preserve past support tickets you've had with us, you'll want to follow the instructions in the article above (that's because we're not just adding the Messaging channel to our existing Zendesk instance, we're moving to an entirely new one). And that said, there are options for downloading tickets from your own instance: Exporting data to a JSON, CSV, or XML file

    2. Yes, you can use tags and custom fields with Zendesk Messaging just like you can with other tickets. For an overview of Messaging, see Introducing Zendesk Messaging and About messaging

    3. A real-time dashboard is available that provides an overview of the Talk, Chat, and Support (ticketing) channels. Messaging isn't covered separately, but any tickets created via the Messaging channel would be included in the Support part of that dashboard. Aside from that, Zendesk Explore provides a number of built-in dashboards, and the ability to customize and build your own dashboards and queries, depending on your Explore or Suite plan level. For a good starting point, see Getting started with Zendesk Explore for reporting and analytics

    4. Yes, your agents can use your existing macros when responding in the Messaging channel.

    I hope this has been helpful!

  • Ashleigh Rentz

    I just received an email this morning announcing this change, and it's rather disturbing to me. As a technical writer, my modus operandi when contacting support is to collect as much information as I can about my problem and organize it for clarity. (It also gives me an opportunity to review what I've tried so far and potentially spot any mistakes on my part!) Email or webform allows me the time and space I need for that. A tiny messaging window designed for sending a sentence or two at a time isn't conducive at all for explaining anything remotely complex—just look at the screenshots.

    I suspect you're just the messengers trying to put the best face you can on a decision made by someone far removed from the daily realities of user support... But when the people who make our support ticket system no longer want to use it themselves, that's quite worrisome.

  • Matt Ivaliotes

    Given the feedback received and the complete lack of substantive response to the concerns raised, I think we can add "and not listening at all" to the Zendesk deprecated support playbook.

    Today's announcement's focus on a shift to "community" support (the model used for free software) is basically Zendesk telling on itself. They provided support badly, deprecated that support, and decided to focus on having us support each other instead. All the data point in the same direction, and an enhanced support experience is the opposite of that direction.

    ...all from a company selling support tools. The mind reels. Get ready to shop now, folks. Similar moves by companies over decades indicate that skimping/nickel and diming on product will be the next step.


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