Can I report on side conversations in Explore?

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  • Lorenzo Testini

    I think you should implement a dataset for side conversation, reporting with tags is never easy. 

    Side conversations should also be more integrated with the triggers and automations builders. 

  • Andrea Rodriguez

    I agree with this. We are piloting side conversations with a small group of people before we roll it out to the larger team, however, I'd like to see reporting on how well each subset of the larger team is using it. 

  • Lorenzo Testini

    Ronald Suplido Jr any chance a dedicated dataset for side conversation will be put in pipeline anytime this year? 

  • Will Yolen

    I agree with Lorenzo Testini, Side Conversations should 100% be able to be tracked and able to be accessed via an explore dataset.

    The recommendation to use triggers is a weak workaround. Yes, you may be able to add a tag when the side conversation is created or replied to but what if an agent makes two replies in the same day? The request becomes even more difficult if we are trying to look at agent productivity over a period of time and total number of side conversations emails/replies. Please introduce a way to measure this-- the fact that it is considered to just be a private comment is misleading and overall inaccurate when measuring agent productivity since these are outbound emails.  

  • Mike Tarchenski

    +1 definitely need this feature to understand how we are interacting and solving tickets that require help outside the front-line agents. 


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