Introducing toll-free, European and multiple phone numbers for Zendesk Voice

Zendesk Voice allows your support team to set up a basic call center system in minutes.  Starting today, Zendesk Voice now supports inbound calls to toll-free (freephone) numbers in the United States, Canada and United Kingdom as well as to national numbers in 10 European countries.  Furthermore, Regular, Plus+ and Enterprise customers can now add multiple phone numbers to their accounts.

New features

Provision toll-free (freephone) phone numbers

Zendesk Voice accounts can now provision and accept calls to toll-free (freephone) numbers in the United States, Canada and the United Kingdom.  Adding a toll-free phone number will deduct $2.00 from your monthly Zendesk Voice balance.

Provision European national phone numbers

Ability to provision phone numbers in 10 additional European countries.  Due to legal requirements in many European countries that require proof of business residency to purchase geographic numbers, we currently support only national (non-geographic) numbers in such countries.

Country   Country code and supported prefixes
Austria +43 720
Belgium +32 78
Denmark +45
Finland +358 75
France +33 9
Ireland +353 76
Netherlands +31 85
Poland +48
Portugal +351 30
Sweden +46 10

Multiple phone number support

Support teams that want to provide a toll-free support number along with a local support number can now do so; Regular, Plus+ and Enterprise accounts can add multiple Zendesk phone numbers to their accounts.  Calls to all phone numbers will be added to the same call queue.  

As Zendesk Voice currently supports transcription for English language only, transcription can be enabled/disabled per phone number.  If you choose to enable transcription on your account's subscription, transcription is enabled by default on US, Canada and UK phone numbers and disabled for other countries.

Forward calls to agent phones anywhere in the world

Agents using the browser-based phone client can already accept calls from anywhere in the world.  In addition to this, Zendesk can now also forward calls to phone numbers in any country.  See information about international forwarding rates.


Currently, Zendesk provides a free phone number when using the feature, but we require that you use this phone number or it will be removed after 60 days.  

Due to customer feedback about this policy and to support customers who want to provision multiple phone numbers, each Zendesk Voice phone number will deduct $1/month for local/national phone numbers and $2/month for toll-free phone numbers from your monthly balance.  If you are already a Zendesk Voice customer at the time of this announcement, your existing phone number remains free.

Pricing for phone calls remains credit-based and cost depends on the inbound rate for each country and forwarding rate to the agent.  See full information about pricing.

Get started

Try out Zendesk Voice

To try using Zendesk Voice, visit Settings > Channels > Voice and click Add a phone number to your Zendesk.  While you evaluate this feature, your phone number is free and you will have $1.00 of call credit, which is equivalent to approximately 60 minutes of usage with the browser-based phone client.  

If you're already a Zendesk Voice user

If you're already a Zendesk Voice user, you can add a new phone number by visiting Settings > Channels > Voice and visiting the new Numbers tab.



Read our user guides

For more detailed information about Zendesk Voice, follow our Setting up Zendesk Voice and Using Zendesk Voice guides.


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  • Avatar
    Thomas Andersen

    This makes me a happy panda. 

  • Avatar
    Arnaud de Theux


  • Avatar

    Hope to see german numbers soon! Any plans on this?

  • Avatar
    Steven Yan

    Hi Simon, we are very interested in offering phone numbers in Germany, but we don't have an ETA on that yet.

  • Avatar
    Alexander Sundli-Härdig

    Any news on when we can expect Norwegian numbers?

  • Avatar

    Please add italian numbers as well.

    Thank you

  • Avatar
    Steven Yan

    Hi everyone, Italy is coming shortly (probably within Q2) but I don't have any insight into Norway yet.  I will let you know when that changes.

  • Avatar
    Thorleif Wiik [BCIX]

    Hey, still waiting for numbers for Germany, looks like your're bit too slow for this market...

  • Avatar

    Also waiting for German Numbers......

  • Avatar
    Pavel Smirnoff

    There's one serious problem with this new voice feature. I want to make sure the calls are received by agents even if they are not near computer (browser is closed). Currently, If the browser is closed, agent receives the first call (good), but after that call no new calls are routed to the agent. Agent actually needs to login to the web portal and click a button "Accept the call and continue taking new calls" in the bottom right corner of the screen. Are you guys aware of this?

  • Avatar

    and spain numbers? zen voice are a great feature

  • Avatar
    Steven Yan

    Hi Javier, we'll be adding support for both Spain and Italy by the end of the month.

  • Avatar
    Mayra Vega

    when will it be possible to route calls? Right now calls go to 1 queue where any agent who is available can accept the call; however, not all agents that are available are the right people to answer all calls. Sometimes we have IT specific calls and sometimes we have calls that should go to say our sales department. It'd be great if these different phone numbers could go to different departments only or if when an end user calls our zendesk number they'll receive a message with a menu saying press 1 for IT press 2 for sales press 3 for etc.

    Is this or anything similar in the product roadmap?

  • Avatar
    Steven Yan

    Hi Mayra, this is on the roadmap and is a very popular request.  Stay tuned!

  • Avatar
    Pedro Rodrigues

    Any updates on routing?

  • Avatar
    Steven Yan

    Hi Pedro, not yet.  It is still something we are planning on doing.

  • Avatar
    Sven Tissen

    Will there a possibility to use zendesk as a voip provider?

  • Avatar
    Steven Yan

    Hi Sven, do you mean that you would like to be able to forward calls from Zendesk Voice to your SIP phone?

  • Avatar
    Sven Tissen

    Hi Steve,

    I don't want to forward the calls. I am interested in using Zendesk as a VOIP Provider. So you provide som VoIP Login Data and I can login with that on the agents telephones. In germany we don't pay for incoming calls. So there must be a "nicer" version of voice here. So the second question is: Are there any plans to implement germany in Zendesk Voice?

  • Avatar
    Maris Vodi

    Hi Steven!

    Any plans to start supporting estonian numbers? I use zendesk every day for my work for a swedish company. All my swedish colleagues are receiving calls to their mobile phone - I have an estonian mobile number and it´s very sad that I can´t use it - it would make my life 1000 times easier... 

  • Avatar
    Steven Yan

    Maris, you should be able to forward calls to an Estonian number -- you can try this by entering your Estonian number (in E164 format, so it must begin with +372).

  • Avatar
    Maris Vodi

    Hj Steven. Thanks for answering so quickly :)  I already had tried it. It didn´t work. The mobile phone did not ring and I just saw on zendesk that I had an incoming call that I could not answer. I wrote to zendesk customer support and got some e-mails from Trisha. She said too that it should work but one of my swedish colleague had asked it as well and he got an answer that zendesk does not support estonian numbers and that´s why it does not work. The number I tried begins with +372 as it have to be but it didn´t help. Actually Trisha asked for number I would like to use and she changed it so it should be right. 

  • Avatar
    Sergio Alvarez

    Hey Steven,

    Any update on call routing? I'm happy to assist with the beta when it's ready. 

  • Avatar
    Todd Zabel

    @Sergio - Fancy meeting you here!  

    I'm also interested in call routing and would love to get involved with a Beta.

  • Avatar
    Lauren Jones

    Agreed. I'm in the process of researching phone options for my company but can't really recommend Zendesk Voice until we at least have an ETA on when we can expect call routing. Considering it's been "on the road map" for nearly a year I was hoping we'd have at least some indication of when we can expect this feature.

  • Avatar
    Tanel Laan

    Any updates on how to forward calls to or use Estonian (or other countries not in your list) phone numbers for Zendesk Voice?


  • Avatar
    Nikolay Chekunov

    Any plans for Russian numbers?

  • Avatar
    Aaron Pewtherer

    Voice uses Twilio, a VoIP provider, to accept calls in your in your Zendesk account. Twilio is actively attempting to add more countries to their portfolio. When released, our Voice developers test the performance and quality, before adding a country's number to the available list.

    You can be notified by Twilio when a country is added to their offerings.



  • Avatar
    Tim Flores

    Any chance of new 1-800 numbers being added in the near future?

  • Avatar
    Ingmar Zahorsky

    Hi Tim, 

    At this time we are working to bring as many toll free numbers to the inventory as possible, though it is dependent on what Twilio is able to get themselves.

    I do not have access to any timelines for new 1800 numbers but I know they  are added in batches so check back regularly. 


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