Legacy Zendesk for Salesforce integration updates

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  • Yuri Mylis

    Current package version: 5.6.3
    Package release date:  April 3rd 2018


    • When running Bulk Sync, auto-matching on numeric field was failing
    • Error was displayed when performing field mapping with Lightning enabled
    • Bulk Sync was returning 429 errors when processing large datasets
    • When running Bulk Sync with auto-matching, the phone number field wasn't getting synced to Zendesk Support
  • Yuri Mylis

    Current package version: 5.7
    Package release date:  May 3rd 2018

    New/updated functionality

    • Sending tickets to Salesforce feature can now take advantage of the same auto-matching criteria that bulk sync and ongoing sync use to associate tickets to Leads, Contacts and Accounts in Salesforce.
    • When ticket sending feature is configured, the integration can now create Leads in Salesforce in cases where tickets come from requesters that are not in Salesforce
    • Removed a 255 character field length limit in bulk sync


    • "https://www" prefix in mapped domain name in Salesforce was causing failure to sync data to Zendesk Support
    • The size of "ticket form ID" field in Salesforce was too short and has been increased
    • Removed unnecessary record types that were causing error for some customers
  • Yuri Mylis

    Current package version: 5.7.1
    Package release date:  July 3rd 2018

    New/updated functionality

    • none


    • Bulk sync was failing to create Organizations in Support when account name has a special character
    • Some fields didn't sync correctly if global and personal authentication identities were different
    • Fixed an error when downloading package logs
    • Updated the user interface to avoid hitting page size limit issue that customers will a large number of custom fields experienced
    • Bulk sync was syncing only one object even if multiple ones were selected, under certain conditions
    • Contact LastName, FirstName fields weren't monitored for changes to trigger ongoing sync
    • Previously synced records were bypassing the sync filters
  • Yuri Mylis

    Current package version: 5.8.2
    Package release date:  Nov 28th 2018

    New/updated functionality

    • Zendesk Support sidebar app now allows agents to create contact or lead records in Salesforce based on ticket requester information
    • When creating a Support ticket in Salesforce, the requester email is no longer a required field


    • Zendesk authentication was failing if there were over 90 entries in remote site settings
    • Syncing - contact records weren't syncing to Zendesk Support after its related account record was changed
    • Syncing - fields weren't syncing properly and an error was logged when contact was moved to a different account
  • Anika Rani

    Current package version:  5.8.3

    Package release date: Mar 18th 2019

    New/updated functionality:

    • None


    • Salesforce is releasing a critical update which affects remote site settings.

      After you install the Zendesk for Salesforce app, you need to set up Zendesk as a remote site in Salesforce. This was previously done automatically for customers on Salesforce Unlimited and Enterprise editions.

      Existing customers will not be affected until they initiate Bulk Sync, but it is advised that you update the package now.

      If you are on package 5.8.2 or below and notice issues with Bulk Sync, please upgrade to v5.8.3. 

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