Upcoming API change: user#authentication-mode

The following attributes are subject to change:

user#authentication-mode will be dropped


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    Graham Robson

    What's the impact if any on the Remote Authentication?

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    Morten Primdahl

    Sorry. I should elaborate. Basically we did some API changes this weekend which we did not foresee would cause problems. They did however. Thus we will try and get a good practice on announing changes before hand, and of course I should add a note on impact and time.

    Nobody should be relying on the authentication-mode attribute in any way. It's a dead attribute in our perspective.

        Functional impact: None

        When: In no less than 2 weeks

    We will also be announcing these things on http://twitter.com/zendeskops and we will consider adding X-Deprecated-Fields headers to the HTTP response.

    General API recommendations are to not rely on other fields other than those you specifically need.



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