API Spring Cleanup: Changes, Upgrades and Throttling

Hi API users.

We're going to undertake some spring cleaning in our API.

Removal of unused attributes

The below attributes will be removed from the API in no less than two weeks. These attributes are about as old as Zendesk, and serve no purpose in an API.


Increase in number of returned records

We will be experimenting with increasing the number of records returned by the API, such that we return e.g. 100 records rather than 15.

API throttle

We will be experimenting with an API throttle to ensure quality of service. We have not yet settled on a good threshold, but expect to hear more about this. If you wish to prepare for a such throttle, read our notice about it here: http://www.zendesk.com/api/rest-introduction

Bug fixes

User <last-login> datetime fields were incorrectly formatted. The last-login field will be formatted as an ISO 8601 combined datetime, for example: 2010-02-08T17:40:18-03:00.

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    Sebastian Büttner

    Hi Morten,

    thanks for the information. Could you please give me a hint how i can figure out the ticket collaborators after you swept away Ticket#current-collaboraters?

    My API client is using this field right now and I do not find a suitable replacement to figure out cc'ed people.




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    Morten Primdahl

    Hi Sebastian,

    Good call. We will keep that attribute for now and later on replace it with actual resources instead of this "short cut". Stay tuned on this channel.



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    Interfolio Tech Team

    Is there a similar field to requester-name-for-display that includes the requester's email address? We used requester-name-for-display to match ZenDesk tickets with our user database.

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    Fabrizio Ferrari

    The following placeholder doesn't seem to work anymore:




    any idea?

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    I second Mr. Buttner's request ...

    Our customers are teachers, who occasionally have their accounts (and therefore, their means of communicating with us) hijacked by mischievous students.  We currently capture the email address of the request, but also would like to add as a 'cc:' the email address associated with the customer's account (if different) -- so a teacher is cc'd when someone submits an abusive request under the teacher's account.

    Or when a school's System Admin submits a request under the teacher's acct ... a legitimate circumstance.

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    Bump, seconding Paul: being able to add a Cc via the API would be extremely useful as it cannot be done in batch or with a macro.

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    Alex Phelps

    We're in need of being able to add a CC via the API as well. Seems logical...


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    Bryan Siders

    The URL currently has a dash in it instead of an underscore. Just FYI for anyone who tries the link.


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    Still no mention of any plans to include support for the CC field in tickets via the API? The "Current Collaborators" key isn't helpful at all as it's just a name based list... if it was email based or id based, this would at least allow us to be sure which exact user it is.

    I started a feature request for this (https://support.zendesk.com/entries/20043357-rest-api-access-to-cc-field-on-tickets but nobody's responded. There's clearly a need for this. Anybody have any response or workarounds?

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    Morten Primdahl

    Hi KP,

    You're right, we need to support that. The good news is that we're doing a lot of "under the hood" work on our API these days and that we will make collaborators fully available in scope of a ticket.


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    Well, that's good to hear, but the obvious next question is do you have a rough eta for when it might make an official appearance?

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    Morten Primdahl

    KP, I'll be able to push an initial collaborations API early next week.

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    That made a bunch of us smile here in the office. Looking forward to it! 

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    Morten Primdahl

    KP try /tickets/:ticket_id/collaborations.json - this will list the collaborations. The reason we show collaborations instead of collaborators is that we also support unlinking (send a DELETE to the given collaboration id). Please let me know if this covers your need or if there's anything you'd like to see added.


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    Thanks Morten. This will help us for sure. 

    I understand the way you've exposed it, you need to support the modification of collaborations which is definitely good. As a convenience, it would be nice to have them listed in the ticket though. That way we would be able to do a single request for a ticket and see the unique users who are listed as cc's without doing an additional request to get the collaborations as well (which we'll have to do every time). Having a separate interface to modify the collaborations still makes sense though.

    Thanks for rolling this out. We can definitely work with what you've given us!



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    Morten Primdahl

    KP, we now have /tickets/:ticket_id/collaborators.[json|xml] also in case you want the full user details on collaborators in one go. I am not going to make these APIs public quite yet, but they will be present in our next major API revision.

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    Nick Luo

    Hi, I was just wondering, is it possible to use the Rest API to add collaborators to a ticket before creating it?  If so how is this done?


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    Jorge Lopez

    Hi, we are trying to modify the collaborations (making post/put) with the Rest API. But the server response is "method not allowed". Is it possible to do it?



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    Hi, I'd like to know the specifics of adding a cc email address to a ticket also. Could you provide an example url, method, and body? Thx

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    Morten Primdahl

    You can set collaborators like this:


      "ticket": {

        "set_collaborators": [ 123, "someone@example.org" ]



    So we accept an array of existing user id's or email addresses. If no user is found by that email address, we create him on the fly.

    Having said this, our new API is very very close and we have a ton of documentation for all this. Hope to see you guys jump in with input and suggestions, as soon as we make the docs available. Stay tuned on our announcements forum.

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