API Change Notice: Forums

We are going to make the below 2 changes to how the forums API works:

Removing an attribute from the "forum" record

The attribute use_for_suggestions is not intended for public use and was exposed in the API by mistake. We will be removing this.

Change to how entries nest post records.

The API today works such that if you retrieve a forum entry (e.g. /entries/#{id}.xml), then you also retrieve its posts. This is a design flaw and we will change the API such that calling /entries/#{id}.xml will only return the actual entry, and to access the posts you will need to access /entries/#{id}/posts.xml and iterate the pages of that collection. It is already possibly to iterate the child post records today, so it's safe to go ahead and implement that change in your client today.

These changes will take effect no sooner than Thursday the 24th of February. The website API documents have been updated to reflect these changes.


Zendesk Engineering

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