Ability to suspend users and creating a requester on ticket creation

What's new:

Suspending users via the API

You can now suspend users via the API by passing a suspended parameter to the user API.  For example:

PUT /api/v2/users/12345.json

  "user": {
    "suspended": true

Documentation on creating requesters when creating tickets

We've added clearer documentation on how to create a user profile for the requester when creating tickets:


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    TJ Baker

    Hi Steve,

    The link for the 'documentation on creating requesters when creating tickets' is going to a 404.....

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    Steven Yan

    Sorry about that, we moved a couple of things around on the developer site to make room for yet more documentation.  Thanks for pointing that out.

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    TJ Baker

    Yup, thanks for fixing the link! :)