Incidents, Suspended Tickets and Custom Dropdown Field Options

What's new:

Ticket incidents API

You can now retrieve the related incidents to a problem ticket.  Incidents are presented exactly the same as tickets.  See our ticket documentation for more information.

GET /api/v2/tickets/12345/incidents.json

  "tickets": [
      "id":          33,
      "subject":     "My printer is on fire",
      "description": "The fire is very colorful.",
      "status":      "open",
      "id":          34,
      "subject":     "The printer is on fire over here too",
      "description": "The fire is very colorful as well!",
      "status":      "pending",

Suspended tickets

We now expose the ability to list, get and release suspended tickets.  Please see our suspended ticket documentation for further details.

GET /api/v2/suspended_tickets.json

"suspended_tickets": [ { "id": 3436, "subject": "Help I need somebody!", "cause": "Detected as spam", ... }, { "id": 207623, "subject": "Not just anybody!", "cause": "Automated response mail", ... }, ] }


What's fixed:

Retrieving options for custom dropdown fields

In API v1, we allowed API consumers to retrieve the configured options for a custom dropdown field.  We've restored this functionality in API v2.  Please see our ticket fields documentation for more information.

Authentication error on /api/v2/users/me.json

We fixed an error where API consumers were receiving a 401 response when attempting to access the currently logged in user's profile.

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