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Note : This article is relevant for the setup of the Freshbooks integration in the classic Zendesk interface. For instructions on how to set up the Freshbooks app in the new Zendesk, please refer to the setup instructions located in the Application Directory in the product (located under the Manage Cog -> Apps > Browse -> Freshbooks).

The FreshBooks widget allows you to track the time each agent spends on different tickets. In order to use this widget, you must have an active FreshBooks account. Follow these steps to configure the widget.

1. Set up a FreshBooks account at .

2. Get your API URL and Authentication Token from FreshBooks


3. Configure the Zendesk widget

Go to Settings > Extensions > Widgets and select the FreshBooks widget

a. Give the widget an appropriate name, such as FreshBooks

b. Make the widget available to Agents only

c. Enter the API URL from your FreshBooks account

d. Enter the Authentication Token from your FreshBooks account

e. Use the Preview widget function to test that your API URL and token are valid

f. Select Create widget in the dropdown and click submit

4. Add the widget to the ticket page

View an existing ticket and add the FreshBooks widget to that page. This is done by clicking Edit widgets on this page in the sidebar.

Now you will be able to report time on tickets from the ticket page. First select a project and then a task. Then enter the number of hours spent on the ticket and click Submit.


The hours you enter will be immediately visible within FreshBooks on the project you selected.

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    I'm having trouble with the ticket ID that appears in the Notes when I log time to Freshbooks.  it does not match the ticket ID in zendesk.  please help!

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    This is a known bug that we will fix early this coming week. We apologize for the mistake.

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    When I add the widget it has text saying "Select User" with a empty dropdown and a disabled "Sign In" button.  I followed the instructions so I'm not sure what's going wrong.  Can you help?

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    It's working now.  I think it had to do with the fact that I didn't have a Name entered yet for my company. 

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    Is there any way of modifying the Notes field so it automatically puts in the ticket subject as well as the ticket id?

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    Found another issue.  The list of users includes deleted team members.

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    I also show deleted users as a bug.

    As a feature request, I would like a way to a) populate with the and ticket.title variable. b) multiline notes field instead of one line.

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    Update - Not only did they fix the above issue..they made some changes to allow multiple variables and multi line text box :)

    Thanks ZenDesk!

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    It would be great to likewise be able to track time in a Basecamp project as well. Any chance for this in the future?

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    I've seen mentioned that both Ticket Title and multi-line entries are support for the default note. However, I can't find how this is accomplished. Can anyone point me in the direction of where this is documented?

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    Because each iteration of the widget requires that you add in the specific freshbooks information, is it possible to have more than one freshbooks widget on the account?  This would allow us to work on multiple types of accounts all from the same zendesk.  I am not sure if this is possible, or just a fluke capability?

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    since each widget is unique it should be possible to have more then one freshbooks widget. 

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    I am unable to get more than one freshbooks widget to work at a time.  The first one works, but the second does not.  Please advise?

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    Hey guys, any chance we can add support for Freshbooks "Contractors" in the widget?  Currently it appears that only staff accounts are seen when selecting a user on the widget sign in page.

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    I need to set up multiple Fresh Books widgets, how do I do this ??? Has anyone managed to do this???


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    Our widget has been configured as with the follwoing setting:

    " Support Ticket #{ticket_id} - #{subject}:"

    Up in till a few weeks ago, thisgave he ticket subject. Now, I just get the ticket number as shown here:

    "Support Ticket 21150 - :"

    What changed on ZenDesk's end?

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    Same thing happened to me. Had to switch to this to get it to work again, on advise of zendesk:

    Subject: {{ticket.title}}

    Apparently the previous method wasn't really supported but this way is.


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    The only 'variables' that seem to work in the widget and the ticket id & ticket title - is it possible to use others?

    I have tested every variable available and nothing but the two latter mentioned work.  

    It would be ideal to display the note contents or a link to the ticket {{ticket.url}} in the Freshbook notes.



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    Hi. Yes it is possible to get ticket URL into the freshbooks widget notes, and therefore into freshbooks as well. Here is what I use for my default notes in my freshbooks widget and it works great. Creates a link on the freshbooks invoices that when clicked, takes client directly to zendesk ticket, after they login of course.

    Ticket ID: #{ticket_id} Subject: {{ticket.title}}. To view full details of this ticket, please login at{ticket_id}

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    Is there a page where you list the CORRECT widget variables.

    In some places you require and underscore to separate words others a . (dot)  >>(

    Perhaps you could list all the variables that will work in the widget and their correct syntax on this help page?? 

    I spent a few hours fighting with this - had I known to use an underscore .. well let's just say it would have been nice..

    Thx for the quick response, Dylan.



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    Is there a way to limit which agents are able to see the widget.  My clients prefer to have an inhouse agent and when they see the widget they see my other projects (which happen to be client names) - I guess I could recode my project names but further 'permission' functionality for this widget would be great - I'd like to just not have it appear for agents and only for admins (myself).


    Thx - loving Zendesk so far!  I'm not Zen yet but only a few days in - the integration with freshbooks is wikid!!

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    Hmmm, not a bad idea.  I haven't heard of anything like this but I bet someone could build a custom CSS widget or something that would allow permissions based FreshBooks integration.  I've heard a rumor as well that Zendesk is going to be improving the Freshbooks widget, hopefully in the near future. 


    I'm also a HUGE Freshbooks user and love the integration with Zendesk.  I would also like to see a built in timer in the widget similar to what Freshbooks has on their timesheet page that would auto-populate the widget time entry. 

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    The timer functionality would be amazing.  Guess in the mean time, coding the projects within Freshbooks with numbers is the best solution for privacy between clients.  I would think this should be given priority given the tendency of Freshbook users to label projects with their clients info.  I don't need my clients seeing my roster!

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    I can't believe your Freshbooks widget doesn't allow me to set the date at time of submission - instead it assumes that the submission date = date the activity was performed.  

    Please add a date field with the default value = current date.

    I'm sure there are others who would prefer tracking/billing time accurately based on the actual date that the services were rendered.  We all know freshbooks won't allow us to change the date once once the time has been logged.

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    I agree with Robert.  Is there any plan to have the option to add in the date?  God knows tickets never get updated the same day!  Thanks in advance!

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    Love the product. I would like to know how to Track expenses with the Freshbooks Widget. It would also be helpful to put the email address/name of the person who sent the ticket int Freshbooks. Thanks

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    Hey Zendesk.....throwing a nudge out there in hopes you can put a higher priority on updating the Freshbooks widget ;)

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    Nudge +1

    • Using the User Credentials (not admins)
    • Time/Date
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    Bump. Considering switching from Paymo to Freshbooks but would like:

    • Time/Date
    • Timer
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    I don't see a Freshbooks Widget in my account only widgets for:

    • Get Satisfaction
    • Google Analytics
    • Hot Topics
    • Global CSS
    • Custom
    • Screensteps Live
    • Forums
    • Related Topics
    • Global Javascript
    • Image

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