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Note : The updated version of this article can be found here: Zendesk integration tutorial .

This guide explains how to connect LiveChat to your Zendesk to efficiently manage the online communication with your customers and website visitors. LiveChat is a powerful tool for instant communication with online customers, proactive engagement of website visitors and real-time monitoring of the website traffic. At this moment LiveChat & Zendesk integration covers forwarding offline messages as tickets directly Zendesk and placing LiveChat button on Zendesk pages using Custom widget mechanism.

Forwarding LiveChat offline messages to Zendesk

This part of the integration allows to automatically forward to Zendesk all after-hours messages left by the website visitors during the time, when there were no live chat operators available. LiveChat forwards the email and creates a ticket with customer contact details and message. From that point communication is handled by Zendesk agents.

To start forwarding offline messages, go to LiveChat Control Panel to Settings > Add-ons & Extras > Zendesk and enter your Zendesk login and your Zendesk email address.


After you save changes, a confirmation of successful integration will be displayed. You can customize the after-hours contact form in Settings > Offline messages


Placing LiveChat button on Zendesk pages

This part of the integration allows to place LiveChat button on any Zendesk page which supports widgets. Live chat button on Zendesk allows customers to have their questions answered in real-time directly on the website.

1.  To place LiveChat button in Zendesk, you need to go to Settings > Extensions .


2.  Then select Add widget link.


3.  From the list of available widgets select Custom widget.


4.  Change Custom widget title to LiveChat. In the Content section, paste the following code:

<div id="livechat" license="xxxxxxx" skill="0">
  <div id="content"></div>
<script type="text/javascript">Widget.require('', {type: 'text/javascript'});</script>

Make sure you replaced xxxxxxx with your LiveChat license number. You can always find it in LiveChat Control Panel under Dashboard > License details.  If needed, you can change Skill value (if you don’t know what Skill is, leave it set as “0”).  When the code is ready, set the combo box on Create widget and click Submit.


5.  Add LiveChat widget to all pages you want it to be displayed on.


6.  LiveChat will be displayed in your Zendesk.


If you do not have LiveChat license yet, sign up for 30 days of free trial, a special offer for Zendesk users .

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    OK, it's ready! We just integrated our live chat with Zendesk! All of the messages left by the customers while the operators were offline are forwarded to Zendesk.

    Please see the screenshots attached.


    We are now ready to continue the integration and create the live chat widget allowing real-time conversations between people submitting tickets and support operators, that could be placed in Zendesk's sidebar.

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    Please do it fast. It will help us to track visitors from zendesk to out live chat.

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    LiveChat offline message forwarding to Zendesk has just been upgraded- no more messages from LiveChat in Zendesk spam!

    At this moment ticket creation is done via the API. It requires the user to store Zendesk credentials in LiveChat.


    BTW: LiveChat widget is on the way- stay tuned!

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    Nice work - I'm going to create a trial account and have a closer look.

    Any plans to add the ability to save a transcript as a comment in a ticket (or attachment to a ticket)? Also - the ability to show an agent the tickets currently open for the customer they are about to chat with would be very smooth.

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    thank you for your feedback and ideas. We are still awaiting Zendesk's approval for LiveChat widget, so further integration will need to wait a bit, but I will talk about the features you suggested with LiveChat Product Manager to confirm if it's possible. 

    In the meantime, I invite you to give a try to our service. We normally offer 14 days of trial, but I managed to prepare a special offer for Zendesk users - 30 days of free LiveChat service. All you need to do is sign up using this link:

    Hope that will be good enough to examine our product and Zendesk integration :) Also, whenever I have more information regarding your ideas, I will update the thread here.

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    Hi everyone,

    I am very glad to announce that LiveChat & Zendesk integration has been now marked** as official!**

    You can find it on Zendesk website under Extras & Add-ons tab:


    We are now ready to continue the integration with further improvements & features. If you have any additional questions regarding the integration, please let us know here or directly via LiveChat on our website.

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    A few words about Zendesk & LiveChat integration on Zengage blog in the post by Steven Yan:

    PS. Apart from the integration mentioned above, LiveChat broadens number of platforms it is available on. Apps for Mac, iPhone and Android are in progress - if you are interested in testing it, don't hesitate to let us know:

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    @Szymon - There are a number of other chat solutions which are easy to integrate via a custom widget (Velaro, BoldChat..). What would make you guys stand out from the pack would be if you could integrate more closely with Zendesk. Crucial is the ability to search within Zendesk and see the latest contact with a customer (whether this was by chat, or in a Zendesk ticket). This could be accomplished by submitting chat transcripts to Zendesk with the customer as the requester.

    Just as valuable would be to be able to easily see the latest contact with a customer from within Live Chat when a chat is initiated.

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    Thank you for your ideas. Both searching through contacts with the particular customer and automatic submission of chat transcript as Zendesk ticket seem to be very interesting directions of development. I raised your ideas with our IT dept and they received pretty good feedback.

    However, they already started other 2 big features (one of them - Intelligent Chat Engagement will be released pretty soon). The IT dept. will be able to work on further and deeper integration with Zendesk once both 2 projects are released (what I suppose will happen by the end of September/ early October).

    I will keep you posted!

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    Since some of you passed from using LiveChat because only Windows version was available, I am happy to update you all that native LiveChat app for Mac OS X has been released:

    Feel free to give it a test drive :)

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    @szymon can you clarify whether your integration currently supports saving an online chat session as a ticket in zendesk?  or is it still only the off-line emails that are sent to ZD as tickets?  Really need the on-line chats to be integrated as tickets.

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    @Carmine & @Rob Creating a ticket from the chat session will be released within about 7-10 days.

    Also some questions show up as our IT team is preparing the integration:

    • What do you think would be more handy- to have the tickets saved as attachment or in the body of the ticket?
    • We are also thinking if the chat operator who submits the ticket should be able to edit the chat transcript before the ticket is submitted? Another option here would be adding chat transcript as is + adding own comments by the chat operator.

    Please let me know your thoughts.

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    This is very good news!  We eliminated you as a viable solution but you are now back in the game (We will make our decision this month).  To answer your questions:

    *  Definitely preferable to save the transcript as the body of the ticket.  This way it's searchable and can be replied to, commented on, etc as a regular ZD ticket.

    *  I don't think it's a best practice to let the operator change the chat transcript.  Adding comments would be great.

    Keep me posted as we're making decisions in real time.

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    Great news - looking forward to taking a close look at this. I agree with Carmine - including in the body of the ticket is preferable - you might consider making this part of the settings for the integration. If an agent wants to comment on the chat they can add comments to the ticket which are not "public" - changing the chat itself is just bad news.

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    Hi All - I am looking to move from my kayako support desk to zendesk - here's my issue - with kayako - live chat is provided not just to the support desk, but in code that goes on every page of your site. And integrated, is the livechat portion - which provides great visual feedback on visitors. (IP, country, browser, etc) in real time. As well, if you have a client and they use the same email that is on their tickets - the chat and the tickets are linked automatically - so, if you go into a clients ticket - you can click the ticket tab, or the live chat tab, and see them both integrated. Does this happen with this integration for live desk - does the 'widget' only exist IN zendesk (not good for us), or can it be used on the website. Does the chat now integrate via email with the ticket assocated with that email? I'd like to switch, zendesk is so much more cooler visually, and I think easeir and plus they support mac - but livechat integration is critical and I can't mess around with that!

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    Hmm. THis may be a no go - I'm looking at pricing and right now zen+livechat will almost double my costs. Not something I can do right now, but I'll keep an ear open for what zendesk does.

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    Where FAQ LiveChat?

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    Hi Szymon,

    I created a custom widget and embedded the code (and added in my license #), but the widget just looks blank. Do you have any idea why? I just signed up for a free trial of LiveChat today (with plans to upgrade as soon as I can get it approved). Could that be the problem? Maybe the ZenDesk widget is not yet recognizing my license #?

    I want to get this up and running so I can show everyone how great it works. Thanks!

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    Hello, you mention above that you are also working on integration of the real-time live chat with Zen Desk. We could really use this, can I have an update on progress, or has it been developed already since you posted this in May?

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    @Sara - your issue has been fixed. Zendesk has changed their Widgets API a little bit and we needed to rewrite the plugin. It should work as expected right now.

    @Andrew S - do you mean creating tickets from LiveChat app? Our IT guys got stucked on something else in the meantime and this part of the integration got delayed a bit. However it is still very high on our to-do list and will be added soon.

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    Hi Szymon,

    Yes, we already have the Live Chat integration with Zen Desk for offline messages, but we have a constant need to associate a real-time chat with a Zen Desk ticket. Many of our issues begin as email, and then turn into a chat when the user follows up with us in real-time. If we could either add the chat to the existing ticket and/or choose to open a new ticket based on a new chat, with the chat histories saved in both, this would greatly expand our ability to support customers.

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    @Rob, Carmine, Andrew S

    I am happy to confirm that during last update we added the feature you were waiting for - LiveChat operators may now create Zendesk tickets directly from the chat session on behalf of website visitor/customer. Chat transcript and pre-chat/post-chat surveys are being automatically added to the ticket and operator comments can be entered as well.

    Please make sure you installed the most recent LiveChat application ( to be able to use this integration.

    Blog post explaining the integration:

    Updated integration tutorial:


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    Nice work!

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    This is a nice feature, thanks. The next step will be to append a chat to an existing Zendesk ticket, rather than only being able to create a new one. We would use such a feature at least as often as creating new tickets.

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    Good job you have done

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    Hi Szymon, can you keep us posted regarding when Mac users will be able to create tickets from LiveChat transcripts? Thanks!

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    LiveChat team this is a great first step.  However, the fact that we can only send the chat transcripts to a single, default ZD email address means we can't use this feature yet.  We have multiple ZD emails (one per skill):  US, Asia, Europe, etc.

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    @Rob, Andrew S, Mark - thank you! :)

    @Sara - creating Zendesk ticket from Mac app has been added to the plan of upcoming 1.1 version of LiveChat for Mac. Please follow our blog ( for more details on that.

    @Carmine - do you have separate Zendesk installations for each website?

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    @szymon, we have one ZD installation but feed it several email channels.  One channel per geography (ie US, Europe, Asia, etc.).  I think a simple ability to load and store several ZD emails into LiveChat control panel then allow the agent to select the email they want the ticket sent to would do the trick.

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    I have LiveChat enabled with ZenDesk so that offline message are turned into ZenDesk tickets. This works great from the LiveChat side, but I am having an issue on the ZenDesk side. Every ticket created this way ends up as a suspended ticket. It's really annoying.

    Does anyone here have a suggestion for preventing these tickets from coming in as suspended?

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