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Note : The updated version of this article can be found here: Zendesk integration tutorial .

This guide explains how to connect LiveChat to your Zendesk to efficiently manage the online communication with your customers and website visitors. LiveChat is a powerful tool for instant communication with online customers, proactive engagement of website visitors and real-time monitoring of the website traffic. At this moment LiveChat & Zendesk integration covers forwarding offline messages as tickets directly Zendesk and placing LiveChat button on Zendesk pages using Custom widget mechanism.

Forwarding LiveChat offline messages to Zendesk

This part of the integration allows to automatically forward to Zendesk all after-hours messages left by the website visitors during the time, when there were no live chat operators available. LiveChat forwards the email and creates a ticket with customer contact details and message. From that point communication is handled by Zendesk agents.

To start forwarding offline messages, go to LiveChat Control Panel to Settings > Add-ons & Extras > Zendesk and enter your Zendesk login and your Zendesk email address.


After you save changes, a confirmation of successful integration will be displayed. You can customize the after-hours contact form in Settings > Offline messages


Placing LiveChat button on Zendesk pages

This part of the integration allows to place LiveChat button on any Zendesk page which supports widgets. Live chat button on Zendesk allows customers to have their questions answered in real-time directly on the website.

1.  To place LiveChat button in Zendesk, you need to go to Settings > Extensions .


2.  Then select Add widget link.


3.  From the list of available widgets select Custom widget.


4.  Change Custom widget title to LiveChat. In the Content section, paste the following code:

<div id="livechat" license="xxxxxxx" skill="0">
  <div id="content"></div>
<script type="text/javascript">Widget.require('', {type: 'text/javascript'});</script>

Make sure you replaced xxxxxxx with your LiveChat license number. You can always find it in LiveChat Control Panel under Dashboard > License details.  If needed, you can change Skill value (if you don’t know what Skill is, leave it set as “0”).  When the code is ready, set the combo box on Create widget and click Submit.


5.  Add LiveChat widget to all pages you want it to be displayed on.


6.  LiveChat will be displayed in your Zendesk.


If you do not have LiveChat license yet, sign up for 30 days of free trial, a special offer for Zendesk users .

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