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LogMeIn Rescue is a service that gives support staff remote access to users' computers to troubleshoot problems. The LogMeIn Rescue app in Zendesk lets agents start a remote session from a Zendesk ticket and then capture the session's details in the ticket afterwards. 

To use LogMeIn Rescue with Zendesk, you must have a valid LogMeIn Rescue license or trial account.

Note: The LogMeIn Rescue interface that support agents use to conduct remote sessions with users is Windows only.

Here's the general workflow:

  1. While corresponding with a end-user through a ticket or over the phone, a support agent decides to initiate a remote session with the user to troubleshoot the problem.
  2. From the ticket in Zendesk, the agent generates and sends a link and a PIN number to the end-user to start the remote session.
  3. The agent conducts the remote session with the user. The agent can view information about the Zendesk ticket in the LogMeIn interface used to conduct the session.
  4. When the remote session ends, details about the session are added to the Zendesk ticket.

This article provides instructions for completing the following tasks:

Configuring the LogMeIn Rescue integration

Defining a global single sign-on password

You need to obtain a global single sign-on (SSO) password as well as a unique company ID from LogMeIn Rescue to configure Zendesk.

  1. Open the LogMeIn Rescue Administrator Center.
  2. Under Global Settings > Single Sign-On, define a global SSO password.
  3. Write down both the SSO password and the unique company ID. You need both to configure Zendesk later.

Defining a single sign-on ID for each technician

For each LogMeIn Rescue technician who is a Zendesk agent and who will be using the LogMeIn app from Zendesk, do the following:

  1. Select the technician in the LogMeIn Rescue Administrator Center, under Organization.
  2. In the Technician Configuration screen, enter the technician's Zendesk email address as his or her Single Sign-On ID.

Note: The technician email and SSO ID don't need to be the same. However, the SSO ID must be configured for a technician, not an administrator.

Linking LogMeIn Rescue to Zendesk

To post the details of remote sessions to Zendesk, LogMeIn Rescue must be linked to Zendesk as follows.

  1. In the LogMeIn Rescue Administration Center, click your Technician Group.
  2. In Settings > Exporting session data, enter the following URL in Post session details to URL when session is ended by technician:

    Replace yoursubdomain with your Zendesk account's subdomain.

  3. Click Save Changes.

Configuring Zendesk

  1. In Zendesk, click Manage () at the bottom of the sidebar and then click the Browse link under Apps.

    You can install and configure the LogMeIn app in Zendesk only if you're a Zendesk administrator.

  2. Move your mouse over the LogMeIn Rescue app and click Install.

  3. Enter a Title for the app. The title appears in the Apps tray on ticket pages.

  4. Enter the Company ID and Single Sign-On Password you got from LogMeIn Rescue. See Define a global single sign-on password.
  5. If you want, click Enable public comments to post the details of remote sessions as public comments in tickets.

    Session details are displayed as private comments by default.

  6. Enter any Tags you'd like to set on tickets with the remote sessions details.
  7. Select Install.

Once installed, the app appears on the right side of the ticket interface. If you don't see the app, click Refresh in the top-right corner of the Apps tray.

Using LogMeIn Rescue with Zendesk

Logging in

Before you can use the app, you must log in to LogMeIn Rescue from a Zendesk ticket. On a ticket page, enter your LogMeIn Rescue credentials into the app. The app remembers your authorization for the current session.

If you get an error that your single sign-on ID must match your Zendesk email address, see Troubleshooting.

Launching the Technician Console

The LogMeIn Rescue Technician Console is the interface used by support technicians to conduct remote sessions with users.

To open the Technician Console from a Zendesk ticket, click Open the Technician Console link in the app. Zendesk uses your single sign-on information to launch the Console directly from the ticket.

Note: The Technician Console is Windows only.

Initiating a remote session from a ticket

When corresponding with an end-user about a problem through a ticket or over the phone, you may want to initiate a remote session with the user to troubleshoot the problem. The remote session must be started by the end-user with a link and a PIN number. You can provide the user with the information from a ticket as follows.

  1. Click Get a PIN in the LogMeIn Rescue app on the Zendesk ticket.

    Note: To receive LogMeIn session data back on a Zendesk ticket, the PIN must be created using the LogMeIn Rescue app in Zendesk.
  2. Click the generated PIN number to create a ticket comment that contains both the PIN number and a link for the end-user to launch the remote session.

  3. Submit the ticket to email the information to the user.

Viewing ticket information during the remote session

The following Zendesk ticket data is available in the Technician Console during a remote session initiated from a Zendesk ticket:

  1. The name of the Zendesk ticket requester, which is listed as the session requester in LogMeIn Rescue.

Ending a remote session

When you end a remote session initiated from a Zendesk ticket, LogMeIn Rescue posts data about the session to the ticket. You can confirm that the information was posted by reviewing the event log in the Technician Console.

Reviewing information about a remote session in a ticket

You can review details about a remote session in the ticket that initiated the session. Comments from LogMeIn Rescue are displayed as speech bubbles with the LogMeIn Rescue icon. Available details include:

  • Session and technician details such as session ID, technician name, and technician e-mail address
  • Session timestamps such as wait time, work time, and last action time
  • Chat transcript
  • Technician survey answers


Problem: The app displays the error, "Your Rescue Single Sign-On ID must match your Zendesk primary email address."

Solution: The email address on your Zendesk profile must match the single sign-on ID in your LogMeIn Rescue Technician configuration. Make sure all of the values below match:


Below are common problems you may encounter when using LogMeIn Rescue with Zendesk, and things you should try to troubleshoot them.

The app displays the error, "Your Rescue Single Sign-On ID must match your Zendesk primary email address."

The email address on your Zendesk profile must match the single sign-on ID in your LogMeIn Rescue Technician configuration. Make sure all of the values below match:

Session details were not added to the Zendesk ticket after session completion

  1. Make sure that your session PIN was generated from within Zendesk, from a new or existing ticket page. This is required in order for session details to post back to a ticket.
  2. Check the eventlog in your Rescue Technician Console. If you see an error such as: "Posting details of session <session ID> to the specified URL failed. Status code returned by server: 400", you will need to gather some logs from your machine for inspection by Zendesk Support.
  3. Navigate to C:\Users\<User Name>\AppData\LocalLow\LogMeIn Rescue and collect the following:
    • Failure log from the day the error occurred. This file is prefixed with "LMIRescue."
    • Data folder from the session post, identified by "sessiondatapost_<session ID>."


  4. ZIP and attach the files to your support ticket.
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  • 1

    This looks great, but if we're Mac based then it's not going to work, right? I understand LoginMeIn can remotely control a Mac, but currently there's no way for Agents to initiate a control session from a Mac? Is this correct? Any plans to add full Mac support?

  • 0

    Ben, that's correct, the LogMeIn Rescue Tech Console is currently Windows only.  The integration can still be used to generate the remote session PIN, but you'll need a Windows PC to interact with the end-user on the session.  We're currently not aware of any plans by LogMeIn to add Mac support.

  • 0

    We are already LogMeIn Rescue users so this looks great.  A question though--can you only log the LogMeIn info in ZD if the LMeI session was started from ZD or a PIN generated from ZD?

    In other words, if a client starts a LMeI session via our external site, can that be logged into a ticket via the integration?

  • 0

    Jordan, thanks very much for your feedback.  That's correct, currently there's no way to link session data back to Zendesk if the PIN was created outside of Zendesk.  Is this something that would be useful to you?  


    1.  Would you want this to always create a new ticket, or would you want it to be controllable via LogMeIn?

    2.  Would it be acceptable if there were a setting in Zendesk that would allow or disallow new tickets to be created within Zendesk?

    Currently there are some technical challenges around this, but I'd like to understand your requirements. 

  • 0

    Steve, thanks for the quick reply.  That would definitely be useful for us since customers can start their own LmeI sessions through our app. 

    I think the option of whether or not to create Zendesk ticket in LMeI would be great and I think a setting in ZD asking to allow this is also a good idea.

  • 0

    We also use LogMeIn, and we would find it very useful to be able to start a new ticket from a session from our own app. We have a lot of clients who start sessions using the LogMeIn Calling Card. It would be great to pull their email address from that and associate it with a new ticket.

    It would be even better to be able to send the info directly to a new ticket from within the LogMeIn Technician Console.

    Steven, as per your questions to Jordan - 1. I'd prefer it to be controllable via LogMeIn, but if that doesn't work, then 2. A setting in Zendesk to always make a new ticket would be fine. If I could then go to Zendesk and either associate that ticket (merge) with an old one, associate it with an existing client (but retain it as a new ticket), or create a new client alongside the ticket, as the options, that would also suffice.


    If you require a tester for any of these functions, I would happily put my hand up.

  • 0

    Just another thought -

    I've added a custom widget on my client view so that the clients can directly enter the pin number from within Zendesk. Makes this integration slightly more fully featured, but may be something you want to suggest in your Getting Started guide.


    LogMeIn custom PIN form can be found under your logmein admin centre - Resources - Custom form.

    It'd be cool to use the one with Self Hosted Chat, but only if I could script it to look like the rest of Zendesk.

  • 0

    i appear to have got everthing working except for remote session logs exporting back to zendesk.


    Is there a step the is missing from the guide above to get the logs to show on the ticket?


    Here is a copy of my last the Rescue attempt to duplicate/solve this issue.

    [2010-09-17 11:26:08 AM] Starting session 67659004...

    [2010-09-17 11:26:08 AM] Session 67659004 has been picked up

    [2010-09-17 11:26:08 AM] Session 67659004 ready

    [2010-09-17 11:27:10 AM] Ending session 67659004...

    [2010-09-17 11:27:10 AM] Session 67659004 has been closed

    [2010-09-17 11:27:12 AM] Posting details of session 67659004 to the specified URL succeeded.

    Am I missing something to make that data show up in the Zendesk ticket?

  • 0

    UPDATE: it would appear i was too impatient. they showed up eventually. it just took a lot longer than I expected.

  • 0

    Andrew, great to hear that you got it working!

  • 0

    hey Steven,


    The only down side for us is we need more LogMeIn seats, as the email address for the Zendesk user must be the same as the Logmein account or else you can’t login from Zendesk. It just breaks rather than give an option to login with a different email if they dont match.

    Is there a requirement that it has to work that way for the exporting of the logs back to the ticket? Or could the widget be modified to allow a different LogMeIn account to work with it also?

  • 0

    Hi Andrew, are you on concurrent or standard licensing with LogMeIn Rescue?

  • 0

    We have the same issue as Andrew. Our ZD agents aren't 1:1 with LogMeIn

  • 0

    Hi Steven,

    Er, I really dont know. I just tried calling them but got sick of being on hold. We have paid for one seat for a year so we got a discount. Is there are way to tell in our Logmein account that you know of?


  • 0

    just to confirm, we have a standard license. I found this in our account section of LegMeIn.


    What importance or relevance does this have Steven?

  • 0

    Hi Andrew, thanks for confirming.  

    I asked about this because I was trying to understand why you couldn't create one technician per Zendesk account.  As I understand it, on the concurrent license for LogMeIn, you're allowed as many technician profiles as you like, but the system will enforce that only a certain number of licenses be used at any one time.

    My final question for you is, since you are on a standard license and sharing technician logins, will the same set of agents always share the same LogMeIn Rescue license?  I'm interested in understanding how this would work from a configuration standpoint.  If the same agents always shared the same Rescue login, then they could enter the same SSO ID when first using the widget and persist this in their Zendesk session.

  • 0

    Hi Steven.

    The plan was to have the one agent for Logmein as we rarely need more than 1 concurrent logmein session, unlike Zendesk were we need multiple for better ticket handling and accountability.

    Im not aware that there is an option to enter a different SSO ID. It appears that its determined by the code pasted into the Logmein widget. What I found in my testing was that if the email address of the agent in Zendesk did not match the email address of the Logmein account we have, the widget would break and not allow you to initiate a Logmein session at all. I am presented with this error when these emails differ.

    "Error: Your Rescue Single Sign-On ID must match your Zendesk primary email address."

    What I have done is created another agent in Logmein to test this scenario, disabling one account to enable another. As I said earlier, the Zendesk widget gives the error above unless the email address for the Logmein agent matches. The SSO ID appears to be constant no matter what agent account is active in Logmein.

    I just had the sudden realisation that I can have multiple Logmein widgets. I could have multiple widgets for multiple agents. I just tried this at the end of a long day and was getting errors with the SSO ID password. I will have another crack tomorrow with a clearer head but the SSO password is set under the Global tab in Logmein. Wouldnt that make it 'global' and not unique to the agent? My testing just now seems to support that argument. like is said Im probably doing something wrong. I'll have another look tomorrow...

  • 0

    Hi Andrew,

    I spoke to support at LogMeIn regarding your particular use case.  

    The way that the LogMeIn Rescue API works, you must have one LogMeIn Rescue account per Zendesk agent account.  The reason for this is that our widget must generate a unique authorization code per user in order to create the PIN codes.  If more than one Zendesk agent log in to the same account, this authorization code gets regenerated, and the old ones become invalid.  

    LogMeIn suggests that you contact them regarding moving to a concurrent license in order to be able to create one Technician per Zendesk agent.

  • 0

    Hi Steven,

    Thanks for chasing that up. I will look into that.



  • 0


    Is it necessary to use the widget's "Launch Technician's Console" link in order for the post-back functionality to work? I have tried generating PINs from Zendesk, but then opening the LogMeIn console from a separate computer, and the session notes have not posted back into the ticket.



  • 0


    Launching the Tech Console from Zendesk is not required for the post-back to work.  The only requirement is that you generate a PIN from Zendesk.  

    Are you saying that it works only if you launch the Tech Console from Zendesk?




  • 0


    No, I was just taking a guess as to why we haven’t seen any post-backs from Rescue following sessions based on PINs generated through the widget. I’ve checked the configuration on both sides multiple times, but the session history doesn’t get appended to the ticket. For the post-back address, I’ve tried using both our Zendesk FQDN ( recommended in the help article, as well as our custom domain as recommended by the widget’s setup screen.


  • 0

    Hi Steven,

    When I set this up for the first time I thought that feature wasnt working also. But I just needed to be patient as it did eventually get posted to the ticket, just not as quick as I expected. I appears that it depends on Zendesk server loads as I just tested our again just now and it was almost instant.

    Are you still waiting for the session history to turn up or did end up coming through like it did for us?


  • 0


    I re-tested today and it appears to be working now. However, none of the session info came in for the sessions I did on my first day using Rescue.



  • 0


    Did you see any errors in your eventlog in the Technician Console?  If so, follow these steps to help us gather logs for troubleshooting:

  • 0

    that Log-me IN backend has to be one of the most un-userfriendly & nasty login areas I have seen in a long time - talk about confusion....It's like total relief closing that & getting back to ZenDesk

    The billing for this is not explained clearly enough - in fact I don't think it's explained at all - do we have to have technicians in LMI that match every ZD agent?

  • 0

    speaking from my experience, yes you need the logmein email address to match the email address of the Zendesk technicial for the authentication to succeed.

  • 0

    (damn Zendesk for not having an edit post function and damn me for not proof reading my last post.)

  • 0

    Has the Logmein widget stopped working for anyone else? After clicking 'Get Pin' it just sits there showing the spinning wheel going nowhere.

  • 0

    Hi Andrew, we're looking into your issue right now.  We should have a fix in production shortly.

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