Installation Instructions For Ifbyphone Widget and Voicemail

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Note : These instructions are for the classic version of Zendesk. If you are using the new version of Zendesk, see these instructions: Setting up Zendesk Voice .

For any questions about integrating Ifbyphone with your Zendesk, feel free to contact Ifbyphone’s Customer Success Team . Below we detail how to view your Ifbyphone voicemails as Zendesk tickets and how to configure your Ifbyphone call distributor widget.

Ifbyphone Call Distributor Widget Instructions

1.  First off, add the Ifbyphone widget in Zendesk by navigating to "Settings"=>"Extensions"=>"Add new widget".  Select the Ifbyphone widget from the list.

2. In your Zendesk Account, find the External ID for each of your agents.  To do so, navigate to "Manage"=>"People", locate an agent,  and select the agent you wish to configure.  The External ID will be available in the URL as shown below:


Your Zendesk Agent External ID.

3. If you aren’t yet using Ifbyphone, contact Ifbyphone for help opening an account and setting up a call distributor for your support team. If you are already an Ifbyphone customer using our call distributor, within the Ifbyphone portal simply go to “Utilities” and  “Schedules.” For each agent’s schedule, select the Zendesk Integration box and enter each agent's Zendesk External ID as shown the in picture below.


Within Ifbyphone’s portal, match each agent schedule to an agent’s Zendesk External ID.

This will automatically login you agent to the Ifbyphone Widget when they login to their Zendesk account.

Voice Mail Integration Instructions

In your Zendesk account, find your “Default reply email address” under “Settings”=>“Channels”=>“Email.” Copy the email address (Note: If you have "Settings -> Customers -> Settings -> Ask users to register" enabled, the tickets will end up in the suspended queue.).


The “Default reply email address” within your Zendesk account.

Next, within your Ifbyphone account under "Voice Mail," set your email address equal to the "Default reply email address" within your Zendesk account and check the box "send email to address below. You may choose to turn on transcription.


Configure your voice mail transcription settings within Ifbyphone.

Make sure your phone number and routing options are correctly configured within your Ifbyphone account, and you'll then begin receiving your Ifbyphone Voice Mails within Zendesk. The voicemail transcriptions tickets will look something like the image below. You'll see the voice mail details in the subject like, a transcription within the body of the ticket, and an option to listen to the audio recording.


A Zendesk ticket containing a transcribed voice mail and link to the audio recording.

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    How do we configure the individual widgets for each agent?  I just added a new agent and I cannot figure out how to make their widget assign to their AgentID in ifbyphone. 

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    Hi Jason,

    To configure more than one Agent, you will need to set up another agent schedule.  To do this, go to "Utilities"->"Schedule" under the Ifbyphone control panel (shown in step 3) and add another schedule for the additional Agent.  Once you have it added there, repeat steps 2-3 to properly configure the Zendesk User ID in Ifbyphone and that should set up an additional account that the new Agent should log into the widget with.  Let us know if this answers your question or if you are having a different issue.


    Eric Shen

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    We've been using the ifbyphone integration for a month now and I'm running into an issue with "duplicate" tickets. We are using the voicemail transcription-to ZenDesk ticket integration. Then I have a View for voicemail tickets. If a customer calls in more than once and creates multiple tickets, I can't find an easy way to find and merge these tickets since the requester is always and not the caller.

    The subject of the ticket has the caller's phone number, so the only way we can figure out dupes is to sort by Subject and identify/merge tickets from the same phone number. Any advice on an easier method? We're getting ~450 phone tickets a day so this manual task is very time consuming.

    Thanks for any advice!

    Eric Hallquist


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    Hi Eric, I'm afraid there's no better method at the moment, since, as you said, the requester is shown as IfByPhone and not the caller.  We've discussed this exact scenario with IfByPhone, and we're looking at ways to just create new users per phone number in Zendesk when a voicemail comes in.  

    Thanks for voicing this, we are aware of the problem and we'll work with IfByPhone to make this user experience easier on your agents.

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    Is there a way to identify tickets with nothing in the Description field or a "null" field?

    Any suggestions that might help us filter out these "hang-up" calls would be helpful.



    Steven Lewis


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    Steven, can you tell me what you see in the comment text when it's a hangup?  Is it just blank or is there any special text which says it was a hangup?

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    It's just blank. We receive the message that the recent voicemail message has been transcribed, but there is no actual transcription.

    The attached .wav file is always a click or a hang-up, without enough sound for an attempt at transcription.

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    Hi Steven, our rules system currently doesn't support searching for a blank description.  If we can get IfByPhone to describe the call as a hangup when nothing comes back from transcription, then you could create a trigger which detects this.

    Let us follow-up with ifByPhone and get back to you on this.

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    Steven, are there any updates to the issues outlined above? We are about to start an implementation.

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    Hi Adib, great use case, however I'm not aware of a mechanism for doing this in IfByPhone.  To accomplish this you would probably need some kind of feature in IfByPhone which can run a bit of Javascript code or issue a web hook to invoke another external service.

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    Hi Steven, I am interested in Skype voice integration. Is there any additional info on how to use Skype with ifbyPhone. We have 3 concurrent voice operators and customers in 30 countries. We use Skype now with a custom integration and would love to use it with Zendesk for an allinone approach. More on Skype?

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    Jeff, you can set up Skype inbound numbers for each agent and route to these numbers using IfByPhone.  Which provider are you using with a custom Skype integration?

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    Hi Steven, I missed your response until just now. We actually create our own Skype integration with Wordpress, we have an internal clalling queue and operators see the queue and click an entry to connect to that use by skype call. A sort of click to have an operator call me feature. It works fine, but we need tickets and chat too. So I was hoping to set up an all in one solution with Zendesk?

  • 0

    Jeff, I see, you have a "call me back" click-to-call type feature.  You could build this with Zendesk by having a ticket submission form that exposes a link that launches Skype, but you wouldn't be able to track the conversation in your ticketing system.  Unfortunately right now there's no way to track Skype conversations through a 3rd party app -- their network is closed in that regard.

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    Steven, If we kept our current Skype call back system, could we create a ticket associated with each call by using an API to create the ticket when the user submits a callback request. We use php and javascript, if we could create a ticket so the operators could record any notes and have a history of the call. I think we would need an API call to create a ticket and insert some content in it based on the logged in user that requested the call back? Is that possible? Then we could use ZD for the chat and tickets and have tickets that have notes from calls too. WHat do you think?

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    Jeff, right, that's what I was alluding to in my earlier comment.  Your "internal calling queue" would be Zendesk and you can use it to track the calls and notes per call.

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    Has there been an update since the original question was raised in July 2011 regarding creating new users per phone number? I'm exploring voice integration options with Zendesk and want to get all the facts straight before I start wide-scale testing. Thanks!

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    How do you add the ifbyphone: agent panel to the New Zendesk so that the widget always appears on the right?  Sort of like an html frame aligned to the right?

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    @Dan, you can install the Ifbyphone agent in the new Zendesk by browsing to the application directory ("Manage"->"Browse"), locating the Ifbyphone tile and clicking on the "install" button.  This should give you the same functionality as the widget in the old Zendesk.  Once installed, when you navigate to a ticket page, click on the "Apps" tab in the upper right to expand the apps panel, click on the "refresh" button in the apps area and the Ifbyphone application should appear.  Let us know if you need additional assistance locating this.

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