MindTouch Widget Installation Instructions

MindTouch and Zendesk have partnered to deliver the missing link in customer support by combining the MindTouch TCS Social Knowledge Base with your Zendesk. 

The MindTouch TCS social knowledge base is a community-centric destination for your users to learn more and flourish with your product. Integrating Zendesk with MindTouch lets you search your product documentation from Zendesk and create new KB articles from support tickets, both of which will dramatically increase your first-time-right and resolution-on-first contact KPIs, resulting in exceptional customer experiences.

Exceptional customer support in 3 easy steps!

  • Complete the registration form
  • Enable your MindTouch widget in Zendesk (you are here)


Setting up the MindTouch widget:

1)  Navigate to your "Settings" tab and click on "Extensions".



2)  Click on the "add widget" button.



3)  Locate the MindTouch entry in the list and click on it.




4) Fill out the appropriate information on the ensuing page. Make sure you name the widget.  

1) Fill out the widget name. This will be used to identify the global javascript widget from the list of your other installed widgets.
2) Fill out your MindTouch subdomain here.  Your MindTouch.us site will have a domain name like this: http://yoursubdomain.mindtouch.us.  If you have a MindTouch.us site, please enter your subdomain (the part between http:// and mindtouch.us) above. If you do not have a MindTouch.us site, please click here to sign up.

Select "Create widget" from the droplist and click on "submit" (Note: the preview will not show anything for this widget).




5) Once you click on "Create widget", you will notice the following items will have been added to your list of active widgets:

MindTouchGlobal (This is the name you assigned to the widget in the step above)
Post to MindTouch
Search MindTouch

The MindTouchGlobal in this example contains code for the "Post" and "Search" functionalities. Do not edit this.





6)  Add widgets to a page.

Post to MindTouch allows for you to easily take an existing ticket and publish the information to the MindTouch knowledge base. You should add this to your ticket pages.

Search MindTouch allows for you to simultaneously search the Zendesk system and MindTouch for any articles relevant to the search. This will automatically reflect what is searched for in the tool bar. If this is added to a ticket page, then the widget will automatically search for any relevant articles within MindTouch based off the subject line of the ticket.







"Post to Mindtouch" and "Search MindTouch" widgets installed on a ticket page.



"Search MindTouch" installed on forum pages (Note: you will need to install this on multiple pages if you want to ensure that this is always displayed. If you navigate to a page without the search widget installed, you will not see relevant MindTouch articles as the widget does not exist on that page).

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  • Avatar
    Julie Saliba

    Are your customers using this integration? What does the integration with MindTouch give them over the standard Zendesk Knowledge Base offering?

  • Avatar
    Jason Lloyd


    I'm interested in using MindTouch and was wondering if you had much feedback for this and, as asked by Julie, what does it give extra to zendesk?


  • Avatar
    Eric Shen

    Hi Jason,

    We haven't garnered much in terms of feedback about the integration, but Mindtouch gives you a much more wiki-like knowledge base and a controllable approval process for publication of content.  It allows for drafts, approval, staging of content before it is posted and made publicly available.  They also have tools to help better facilitate publishing DITA content and also have the ability to add and manage contextual help on your site with content from Mindtouch.  I'm definitely not the expert on all pieces of functionality, but those are some of the key differentiators for Mindtouch.  Let us know if this information helps!

  • Avatar
    Jason Lloyd

    Hi Eric, 

    Thanks for your reply.  I'll trial MindTouch as it looks very useful for what we need



  • Avatar
    Kayla Anderson

    Is this Mindtouch Extension available with the new Zendesk Agent Interface.  I can not seem to locate it in the Apps?

  • Avatar

    Hey Kayla: 

    It's not available in the new interface just yet -- sorry! We're still working on getting everything migrated over to the new app framework. As soon as it's ready, we'll update the topic! 

  • Avatar
    Stacey Stais

    We have paid for Zendesk and are wondering if we would need to pay extra for the MindTouch extension?

  • Avatar

    You don't have to pay for the Zendesk extension/application, but you need a MindTouch account for the extension to work. I don't know what the pricing looks like on their end, but a free trial is available: http://www.mindtouch.com/free-trial/

  • Avatar
    Steve Paro

    Is there any updated ETA on when this integration will be ready to work in the new UI?

  • Avatar
    Eric Shen

    @Steve, I can tell you that this is in the works, but we don't have an ETA yet of when this might be ready.  We'll update this thread soon as it is.

  • Avatar
    Fernando Duarte

    Hi Eric,


    Any update on getting this to work with the new UI?

  • Avatar
    Eric Shen

    Hi Fernando,

    This should now be available as an installable application in the new Zendesk.  You can find it in the application directory!