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Note: This integration no longer works with new Zendesk. We are not able to pursue a fix at this time, but will update this article if we find a solution in the future.

The Constant Contact integration allows for a quick, easy way for Zendesk agents to export a list of all end-users into a mailing list for use in Constant Contact.  The integration allows for organizations to quickly and proactively deliver customer support updates, helping to ensure an even stronger, trusted relationship with their customers.

Locating the widget directory


Navigate to your "Settings" tab and click on "Extensions".


Click on the "add widget" button.


Locate the Constant Contact logo and click on the integration to add it.


Once you have clicked on the Constant Contact logo, you will be taken to the widget configuration screen. There are no available options other than who you want to display the widget to. You will want to limit this to logged in agents or admins. Select "Create Widget" from the drop list and click on "Submit" to add the widget to the active list of available widgets.


You should now have a widget available in your "Active Widgets" list to be added to pages within your Zendesk account.


Navigate to the page you wish to add the widget. Click on the link for "Edit widgets on this page" and you will see the above screen with the newly created widget. We recommend you add this to your "People" page (located under "Manage"->"People"). The widget is now ready to go!

Using the widget


Once added, the widget will display a disclaimer explaining exactly what the widget will do. Click on "Continue" to proceed.

Enter account info


The widget now will prompt you for both your Zendesk and Constant Contact credentials. For the "Account" section under the "Zendesk Info", you only need to fill out the full url of your Zendesk account (ie and your password. If you are using SSL, make sure you include the "https" instead of just "http". The widget will securely authenticate your accounts and then proceed to gather available lists from Constant Contact.

Select existing list to import into


Once you have been authenticated, you will be brought to a screen with the available lists in Constant Contact that you can upload your Zendesk end-users into. Select the appropriate list and click on "Import contacts".  The widget will then send off the request to Constant Contact and will begin processing.  You will receive a confirmation email stating that the import process has completed once it has been processed.

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