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If you use Campfire from 37signals, you can create a target and send notifications to the chat room using a trigger or automation. For example, you might want to post a chat room message via the Campfire target when you receive high priority support requests.

The Campfire target can be used any way you'd like to post notifications into the chat room as new messages. For example:

The target can be used to inform all of the users in the chat room when tickets are created or updated. The message appears as if it was added by the Campfire account owner.

Setting up a Campfire target to push ticket updates

Once you set up a target to your Campfire chat room you can use it any number of ways to send notification messages to the chat room.

To create a Campfire target
  1. Select Settings > Extensions.
  2. On the Targets tab, select Add target.
  3. Select the Campfire target.
  4. Enter any title you'd like.
  5. Enter your Campfire subdomain. This is the name of your Campfire account (for example: Don't enter the entire URL, just the subdomain part (shown in bold).
  6. Enter your Campfire API token.
    • You can find your authentication token by logging in to Campfire and selecting My Info. You'll find the API token (a long string of numbers and letters) under API authentication token. Copy and paste the token into the widget.
  7. Enter the name of your chat room.
  8. If your Campfire account is configured to use SSL, select the SSL option.
  9. If you'd like to preserve the formatting of the notification rather than send the message as plain text, enable the Preserve format option.

  10. To confirm that you've set up the target properly, select Test widget and then Submit. If you get a success message, your set up is complete. You can view the test message in your Campfire chat room. If the test was unsuccessful, check the data you entered into the target and test it again.
  11. To save your new target, select Create target and then Submit.

You new Campfire target is now ready to be used in an automation or trigger.

Using your Campfire target

Your Campfire target can be used to send notification messages to your chat room when tickets are created or updated. As described in Notifying external targets, you use targets as actions in automations and triggers.

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