[ARCHIVE] - Setting up and using Highrise CRM

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  • Nate Risenhoover


    For the time being, I have been the only one using our Highrise integration (I am the zendesk admin). I am now starting to have other agents use it, but when they add a note into from the Zendesk into Highrise, it posts as my Highrise user. I am assuming this is because my API token is used for the integration. Is it possible to input different API tokens from Highrise for the different users?
    Looking forward to a reply!
  • James Sanford

    Hey Nate!

    You are correct that the notes are all showing as coming from you due to the API token used for the integration.  While it is not possible currently and there are not any plans to add that option the App is open sourced if you wished to modify it to include that functionality.  Source: Zendesk Highrise Agent Notes

    Source Code: https://github.com/zendesk/highrise_app

  • Evan Gadol

    Is there any way to show the Highrise information for any user based on the domain of the email address? We offer support to a variety of companies and the Highrise information displays in Zendesk only if the primary contact for that company is the one emailing us.


    Also, is there any way to set custom fields to be displayed with the Highrise api? I would like to see certain fields that are visible from Highrise but aren't shown natively.

  • David Gillespie

    Hi Anton,

    Unfortunately the key to the integration is the contact's full email address, not the domain.

    With regards to customer fields, we have open sourced the app so you could modify what is displayed. Unfortunately the integration is not in active development so we are not looking to make any changes to how it currently behaves.



  • Evan Gadol

    Hi David,


    Thanks for you reply, and I appreciate the explanation and update.




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