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If you use the Highrise CRM by 37signals, you can integrate it into your Zendesk to display customer information on the agent's ticket page.

Topics covered in this article:

How it works

Integrating Highrise lets your agents do the following:
  • Add ticket requesters as contacts in your Highrise account
  • Use the integration to add Highrise notes about your contacts
  • Look up contacts by name, email address, and company

The key to the integration is the contact's email address. If you receive a support request from a customer that is already one of your Highrise contacts, the integration recognizes the email address and displays information about that contact on the agent's ticket page.

If you click the contact's name or company links, your Highrise account will display that contact's information in a new Web browser window. If you click the user's email link, your default email application will create a new message addressed to the contact.

Setting up Highrise

To integrate Highrise in your Zendesk account, you need the following:
  • A Highrise account. A free version is available. See the Highrise website .
  • Your Highrise subdomain URL (example:
  • Your Highrise authentication token. To get the token, log in to Highrise, select Accounts & Settings > My Info , and click the API Token tab.

You must also be an administrator in both Highrise and Zendesk.

Setting up Highrise in Zendesk

  1. Click Manage > Apps > Browse , and locate the Highrise application.
  2. Hover the mouse over the Highrise icon to reveal the Install button and then click it.

  3. Configure the following items:
    • Subdomain : Enter your Highrise subdomain. Example:
    • Token : Enter your Highrise authentication token.
    • Use SSL? : Select this option if your Highrise account is configured to use SSL (if your Highrise URL starts with https). This is almost always the case.
    • Title : Enter any title you'd like.

  4. After installing, reload the Zendesk page for the changes to take effect.
  5. To use the app, click the Apps button on the upper-right side of any ticket page. If not already logged in, enter the email and password you use to log in to your Highrise account. You only have to do this once if you don't close or reload Zendesk.

Using Highrise in Zendesk

Each time a ticket is opened, the integration checks to see if the requester's email address is already in your Highrise account. If yes, you see data about the requester/contact.

Adding a note

You can also add a note about the contact that's saved to Highrise. To add a note to Highrise, click Add a note to [contact name] , enter the note, and then click Save note .

The note is added to the contact's Highrise profile but it's not displayed in Zendesk.

Looking up a contact or company

You can look up the contacts and companies in your Highrise account. You can search for contacts by name, by email address, and by company.

Note: You can look up contacts in new Zendesk, but the URL back to the profile in Highrise is not working.
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    This was incredibly helpful. We just set up this widget with our ZenDesk/Highrise account and it is making things incredibly simple. Thank you!

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    Glad to hear it! Thanks for commenting!

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    It would be nice to have a feature on the user/company creation page that would allow us to add existing companies/contacts from Highrise.

    When we sign up a new client we already have the company and the contacts setup on Highrise and we have to manually create them (or import via CSV) on ZenDesk. If we could go to ZenDesk, select a company from Highrise, then select the contacts for the particular company we wish to import and finally have a process to automatically create the selected contacts and organization on ZenDesk it would be awesome and save us a lot of time.




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    Just registered at Zendesk a new trial account for my company. I try to use the extensions to add Highrise, but there are no such widget available. Is it because of trial account or I do something wrong? Thanks for the help and explanations! 

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    Oh, sorry for the confusion, Sergey! The new version of Zendesk uses apps, while the Classic version uses widgets. This article is for the Classic version (and needs to be updated to say so!).

    In Zendesk, click the Manage (gear) icon at the bottom of the left sidebar and you'll see all of the available apps--look for Highrise there.

    Let me know if you have any problems! Thanks!

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    Thanks, it was helpful! 

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    I'm getting a "There's been a problem: %@" error when trying to search or add a contact from the highrise widget. i tried multiple settings, but nothing seems to work. any workaround?

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    Adar, sorry you're having a problem. Can you send details to so someone can help you troubleshoot? Thanks!

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    "If the requester is not already a contact in your Highrise account, you have the option in Zendesk Classic of adding the requester as a new contact."

    Are you serious? We thought when migrating into the Help Center version that it would go like a breeze but alas, the whole Highrise integration was crippled and rendered as useless to us. Any plans to fix this?

  • 0

    @Miska please tell us more I'm a bit confused by your answer? Highrise App isn't and has never been available for Help Center...

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    Hi Maxime,

    I got answer from your support that it was actually a bug that was then fixed. Thanks for your fast resolution.

    What threw me off was that the fact that on this page you clearly state that you can add contacts in Classic Zendesk but don't mention the agent interface. And I threw you off by confusing the new agent interface into the Help Center but with the Help Center version you can't use the classic so that's why we now bumped into this bug.

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    Got it! Glad everything is resolved

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    Is there a way to include the Highrise BCC code in a Zendesk ticket email or to have any public/private comments be automatically added to the Highrise contact if they exist?

    Zendesk would be amazing as a way to fill in the gaps for Highrise as the Highrise BCC code only allows for outgoing mail between ourselves and the contacts, but our product team is not ready to let Highrise go completely because Zendesk doesn't allow for Deals/Cases which is one of our main uses for Highrise.

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    I have added the Highrise App in the New ZenDesk. On existing tickets the I can click on the APP button top right corner and it shows the Highrise contacts. However, when I add a NEW TICKET the Highrise App disappears and clicking on the APP button simply hides the column. When I click on the Apps button again it shows no Apps and has a button that says "This space looks empty. Check out our apps for this location." and a button that says BROWSE THE APPS MARKETPLACE which is the button I used to set up Highrise. As I said, it shows up in existing tickets but not new ones. Why is this?  

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    I figured it out. I had to add an email in the Requestor field that is registered in Highrise with the issue or problem and create a new ticket number. Then click on the ticket and Voila!  Highrise contact info appears in the top right corner under APPS.  

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    Now, my next question is how does a ticket in Zendesk appear in Highrise? 

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    Hey Brady

    Glad to see you got it working! We only have the App for Zendesk, as far as I know they don't have a framework/allow external developers to build pre packaged integrations/apps in Highrise.

    Therefore it isn't in our plans to do so, sorry about that!



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    If i add a comment to the ticket.. or the ticket is updated.... shouldnt the highrise record of that contact/company update as well. At the moment it seems as if you need to comment both in the ticket and in the zendesk module.  I want to know withing highrise that a ticket was updated without having to populate the widget. 

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    It was confusing to me too. The way it works is once you set up the user in Highrise with an email address and then set up a new ticket in ZenDesk with the same user name in a new ticket, submit the ticket. Then you go back into the ticket and in the right column under HIGHRISE app you will see the user contact info of the REQUESTER in the ticket. You can then click on ADD A NOTE TO....(contact) and enter the ZenDesk ticket number and any notes you want and SUBMIT and the info goes into Highrise. Not exactly what we want but at least there is a nifty way to add a note in ZenDesk that connects to Highrise. 

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    Hey Dan,

    The integration does not have the functionality to automatically push Zendesk updates (like comments) in to Highrise.

    Integrating Highrise lets your agents do the following:

    • Add ticket requesters as contacts in your Highrise account
    • Use the integration to manually add Highrise notes about your contacts
    • Look up contacts by name, email address, and company
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    Are there any plans to be able to use the caller ID field to look up Highrise contacts in the same way you do with email address?  For example, if someone leaves a voicemail that gets routed into a queue it would be nice to have it pull up the associated Highrise contact.  If not, is there a way to do a search for a Highrise contact, select that contact and add a note all within the Zendesk interface?

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