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If you use Basecamp from 37signals, you can integrate it into your help desk by creating a Basecamp target. You can then use the target to send notifications about new tickets and ticket updates into your Basecamp project. The notifications can be sent as new messages or as new comments in an existing message. You can also set up the target up to send the notifications as either a new to-do list or as a new item in an existing to-do list.

Here's an example of a new message.

Here's an example of a comment added to an existing message.

Here's an example of an new to-do list.

Here's an example of a to-do list item added to an existing to-do list.

Although there are these four element types you can create in Basecamp via a target, you can only set one type per target. Based on how you want to integrate your help desk with Basecamp, you may want to create targets for each of these types.

Setting up your Basecamp target

Once you've created your Basecamp target you use it to push (via automations or triggers) ticket updates into your Basecamp project.

To create a Basecamp target
  1. Select Settings > Extensions.
  2. On the Targets tab, select Add target.
  3. Select the Basecamp target.
  4. Enter any title you'd like.
  5. Enter the URL of your Basecamp project (for example:
  6. Enter the username and password of the Basecamp account owner. < Does it have to be the account owner? >
  7. Enter the API token.
    • You can find your authentication token by logging in to Basecamp and selecting My Info > Show your tokens. Select and copy the token under Token for feed readers or the Basecamp API. Paste the token into the widget.
  8. Enter the project ID. You can find the ID in the Basecamp project URL (for example:

  9. The next steps are to select where you want the notification to appear in Basecamp. You can select one of the following:
    • Message
    • Message ID, which is the ID of a specific message. This creates a comment in the message.
    • ToDo
    • ToDo List ID, which is the ID of a specific message. This creates an item in the to-do list.
  10. If you want to post notifications as messages in a project, select Message. This creates a new message in the project.
  11. If you want to post notifications as comments in an existing message, enter the message ID. You can find this in the URL of the message (for example:

  12. If you want to create a new to-do list, select ToDo.
  13. if you want to create a new to-do list item in an existing to-do list, enter the to-do list ID. You can find this in the URL of the message (for example:

  14. To confirm that you've set up the target properly, select Test target and then click Submit. If you get a success message, your set up is complete. You can view the test message (or comment, to-do list, or to-do list item) in your Basecamp project. If the test was unsuccessful, check the data you entered into the target and test it again.
  15. To save your new target, select Create target and then Submit.

You new Basecamp target is now ready to be used in an automation or trigger.

In both message and to-do list options, you can use a placeholder instead of the message or to-do list ID. < Why? More here. >

Using your Basecamp target

Your Basecamp targets can be used to push ticket updates to your project. You use them as you would any other target in your automations and triggers (see Notifying external targets).

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    Any tips for doing this with the New Basecamp? 

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    This is very cool!  Entering ID's for ToDo's or Messages is pretty self explanatory, but what about the placeholder stuff? (see screenshot)

    Can you explain the options with this approach and show some examples of how this might be implemented?


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    Is this feature working with the new Basecamp?

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    Thanks for posting this!

    We're already integrating with Highrise and Basecamp Classic (old version of Basecamp) and it's working great. The only thing that we'd still LOVE to do is automatically add Zen ticket updates to the corresponding message in Basecamp. I believe that we would need to manually go in and set up a new trigger/target for each individual ticket/message, so we've opted not to do that because it would be really time-consuming to do on a daily/weekly basis for all of our individual tickets. Plus, half the tickets are resolved within a day or two, so we'd almost have to do it every day (which is not really that efficient) in order for them to be fully synced. Can you clarify if there's any way to set that up without manually creating individual triggers for every single message?

    Also, we were wondering if/when this will be implemented for the new version of Basecamp as well. We're assuming that this won't be done until the new Basecamp API is released, but please keep us posted re: whether that is on your radar.

    Love Zen! Thanks.


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    Hi Lisa,

    We are intending to update the integration with Basecamp with the release of their new version.  We don't have an ETA around this though, but will post updates on this thread as we have them.

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    +1 for New BaseCamp integration- my new CEO would love you even more

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    In case you missed it:

    There's also a way to interact with Basecamp via emails; I'm trying to figure out if there's a way to create an email hook in ZD when we get tickets to achieve ZD and BC integration that way.


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    +1 for New BaseCamp integration

    Any news ?



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    Hi all,

    We still don't have any updates around this for an ETA of when we might have this available.  There is another integration out there called Zapier ( that can actually connect Zendesk to the new Basecamp, but it does come at an additional charge.  We do still anticipate working on this on our own and will definitely update this thread once we have a date set.

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    Any update on this?

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    It's been 8 months; are there still plans to integrate into Basecamp?

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    We're jonesing for an integration with the New Basecamp as well. An update from @Zendesk team would be appreciated!

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    Yes - this is a must for us now that we are using Basecamp. Any ETA on this?

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    Greetings all, 

    Unfortunately, we have not made much progress in this area.   The new Basecamp has certain authentication requirements that we need to support in Zendesk before we can even start working on this.  Until we have that piece, we are unable to facilitate an integration with the new Basecamp.  Zapier ( is still the only option at this point.

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    a year has passed and there is still no working integration. Zapier is not an alternative imo.

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    It's been another 8 months since my last post on this matter. Zapier is not a great option, I agree with Micheal. And while I understand there are certain authentication requirements that need to be supported in ZenDesk I would suggest that this should be a priority. Much smaller companies like Quote Roller seem to have no problem integrating with other services very quickly and this is a huge pro to using these other services. Please take another look at this, for the sake of your loyal customers and just plain common sense. It stinks to have a feature that used to work be taken away.

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    Hi Chris, 

    As an update to Eric's last comment, we are working on OAuth now. Once that's completed (not too long from now) we can work on updating the integration itself.

    I know it won't help users on the new version of Basecamp, but just to clarify, the classic version of Basecamp still works as a target in both Classic Zendesk and new Zendesk. 

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    Do you have any updates on the new Basecamp integration with Zendesk?

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    Hi Jordan, 

    I'm sorry I wasn't able to get any new information from the Integrations team - while we have OAuth, there are still some additional features that need to be in place before this integration can be updated to an app. 

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    Any update for the new year?

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    We would be interested in this development too.

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    I'm adding a +1 for this.

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    Any progress ? Really need the ability to create a Basecamp target.

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    Any update on this?  We use zendesk and are starting to use basecamp so this integration would be amazing!

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    Any update?? Three years for a little integration??

    My company uses Basecamp and are looking into Zendesk. This is mandatory if we are to use Zendesk.

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    We are thinking about using Zendesk, but we'll need Basecamp integration. Is it coming soon?

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    Hey guys!

    I checked with our Integrations Team, and it looks like we still haven't made very much progress on this. We need some specific features in order to implement it, and those aren't currently available. At the moment, I'm not able to give you any kind of time frame on when we'll start moving forward again; for the foreseeable future Zapier is going to be your best option for integrating Basecamp into Zendesk.

    I would definitely encourage you to keep an eye on this space, though. We'll be sure to update you whenever we might have more information to share!

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