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NOTE: The instructions are only for the Classic version of Zendesk.  If you are using the new Zendesk, the MailChimp application is available for install in the Application Directory ("Manage"->"Browse").

If you are using MailChimp for your email marketing needs, you can now add a Zendesk widget that gives you an inside view into what mailing campaigns your Zendesk users have been a part of.  Below, find instructions on how to locate the widget directory to install the code for the MailChimp widget.

The integration will enable the following features:

  • View all email campaign activities from MailChimp that a Zendesk ticket requester has been a part of.
  • View in depth details about each individuals actions within a MailChimp campaign that they have been a part of.
  • Manage a ticket requester's MailChimp mailing list subscriptions directly from Zendesk.

If you need to import a list of your Zendesk users into a MailChimp email list, you can check out the existing integration details here .

Locating the widget directory

  1. Navigate to your "Settings" tab and click on "Extensions".


  2. Click on the "add widget" button.


  3. Locate the "Custom" widget and click to configure.


  4. Add a title and paste the following widget code here into the "content" section:
    <!-- Mailchimp Widget-->
    <div id="mailchimpwd"></div>
    <script type="text/javascript">Widget.require('', {type: 'text/javascript'});</script>

    Select "Create Widget" from the droplist and click on "Submit" to complete this step.

  5. Your new widget should now appear in the list of "Active widgets" and can be added to any page within Zendesk. You will want to set up this widget in 2 areas: ticket pages and user profile pages.


Adding the MailChimp widget to your Tickets page

  1. To add your new MailChimp widget to the tickets page, first navigate to a ticket. Then proceed to click on the "Edit widgets on the this page" link.


  2. You should see a list of available widgets to add to the page. Select "MailChimp" (or what you added in the "Title" field when setting up the widget).


  3. Once added, you will see the new widget in the widget area on the right side of the ticketing page. You will need to login again if you start a new Zendesk session unless you click the "Keep me logged in" checkbox. Click on the "login" button.


  4. Clicking on the "login" button will bring up a MailChimp login page where you will enter your MailChimp credentials. Once entered, click "Connect" to link your MailChimp account to Zendesk.


  5. When logged in, if the ticket requester email address is found in MailChimp, you will see two new links in the user profile, "email campaign activity" and "mailing list subscriptions.  Note: If the ticket requester email address is not found in MailChimp, these links will not be displayed.


  6. Clicking on the "email campaign activity" link will display all email campaigns from MailChimp that the ticket requester has been a part of. You can expand and close each campaign and see details about if the user viewed the emails from the campaign.


  7. Clicking on the "mailing list subscriptions" link will bring up a page where you can see what mailing lists the current ticket requester is a part of. You can manage the lists directly here and the changes will be reflected in MailChimp.


Adding the MailChimp integration to user profiles

  1. Navigate to the user profiles by going to "Manage"->"People" in the Zendesk navigation bar.


    Click on any of the users on the people page to bring you to a user profile page.


  2. On the profile page, click on the "edit widgets on this page" link to bring up the list of available widgets.


  3. You should see a list of available widgets to add to the page. Select "MailChimp" (or what you added in the "Title" field when setting up the widget).


  4. The widget should now be available on the profile page. If you logged in previously when setting this up on the ticket pages, then you will already be logged in. You will see two new links added to the profile here as well, "email campaign activity" and "mailing list subscriptions". The links perform the same functions as they do in the user profile on the tickets page.


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  • 0

    This looks really awesome but after logging in the popup is blank and does close or refresh. Any thoughts?

  • 0

    Hi Joe,

    I just had the same issue temporarily, but seems the server had a small hiccup.  I was just able to access this now.  Can you give it a shot again?


  • 0

    Hi Eric,

    I tried it on Firefox and Chrome and it worked fine but with IE9 I am still having trouble. Unfortunately, we can only use IE9 at work :(.



  • 0

    It's good :)

    But it would also be great if the plugin worked like Rapportive Applet does :)

  • 0

    Hi Joe,

    Let me take a look and we'll see what we can do for that.


  • 0

    As described by Joe, this does not work in IE9.

    I’m curious as to why you didn’t opt for a more direct API integration which would not necessitate having to login every time the browser cookie is cleared.

  • 0

    Is there any way to 'collapse' the widget in the side bar?

    I know it's not exactly a huge deal, but it's a huge eye sore :-/

  • 0

    Nevermind, stuck this in and a bit of code to fix the colour problems and it made it hidden.

    <input type="hidden" />

  • 0

    Great, but I  miss the feature like in the Highrise CRM widget  "Add this Zendesk user to Mailchimp"

  • 0

    Hi all,

    Just as a heads up, we're still working on the IE9 issue and will hopefully have a resolution soon.  

    @Phillip, unfortunately, there were some restrictions in place between both systems that did not allow for us to do this more directly without usage of a widget.

    @Thorleif, appreciate the feedback.  That is definitely a good use case and we'll keep it in mind for future revisions.


  • 0

    Thanks for the update!

  • 0

    After setting everything up I see the widget appear correctly, then when I click it to login, it opens and shows the login page.  After submitting my info the page goes blank and just sits there.   I tried in Chrome and Firefox and neither seem to move past the blank page.  Any direction would be appreciated.

  • 0


    We are investigating this for you right now!  We'll keep you posted.



  • 0

    @Richard This should be resolved now.

    @Joe, @Phillip, the IE  9 issue should now be resolved as well.

  • 0

    The " email campaign activity" link brings up a popup that shows all campaigns sent and not those sent specifically to that subscriber. Is this a glitch or am I missing something?

  • 0

    Hi everyone,

    We've made a slight change to the code to address the issue noted by @Filipe.  The email campaign item should now be resolved.  Make sure you update the code snippet to the latest version!


  • 0

    Thanks Eric,

    It seems better now!

  • 0

    So is there a (non-API) way to export user emails from ZenDesk to MailChimp?  Because that would be better than ice cream.

  • 0

    Hi Kathryn,

    Just wanted to get a little bit of clarification about what you mean about a non-API way to export user emails from Zendesk to Mailchimp.  Mailchimp does offer a direct import from Zendesk, but it does load in all of your end-users; there's not a way to pick and choose them.  You can find details about it here:

    What exactly are you trying to accomplish?  Let me know and hopefully I can answer your questions.

  • 0

    Mailchimp imports Zendesk users smoothly. But, if I'm not mistaken, mailchimp imports ALL users. This includes end-users and agents. But luckly you can then segment in mailchimp to send campaigns for only end-users (and only active users, if you want it)



  • 0


    That was just what I needed, and it worked beautifully, thanks!

  • 0

    Ok - possible that I'm way out in left field - but does the integration not pull first and last names?  If the default is email address only, is there a way around it?  (say yes and make me ecstatic)

  • 0

    @Kathryn, Are you referring to the mail import functionality of the integration or the widget portion?

  • 0

    Integration of the widget - seems that there are a bazillion possible fields from the MailChimp end - but limited options through the widget.  I did see a field that seemed to have concatenated the first and last names, but it disappears when I click to finalize the import.

  • 0

    @Kathryn, I'm going to create a ticket on your behalf to troubleshoot.  Should be coming through in a minute or so!

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    Hi! I hope after "Adding MailChimp intergration to User Profile view" is perfect to doing the same for Organisation.

  • 0

    Hi! If we use Zendesk as a source for our client's e-mails, how to automative export it into MailChimp ? Or clicking on the "mailing list subscriptions" on each customer and then modify their subscription in separate window are only one ability to make this?

  • 0

    @sergei Check out this integration Zendesk has with Mailchimp:

    Hope that helps!


  • 0


    I hope I read care this article but cannot find answer on my question. Please point me directly.

  • 0

    @sergei Apologies. In Mailchimp, you can import email addresses from Zendesk. See this screenshot:

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