Salesforce: Configuring user and organization syncing in Salesforce

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  • OpsHub Dev Team

    Hello All,

    It is very simple and easy to integrate Salesforce and Zendesk. There is a OIM (Opshub Integration Manager) plugin on the marketplace of Zendesk.

    OpsHub provides :

    - Seamless integration between Salesforce and Zendesk & vice a versa (Bidirectional) i.e both ways.
    - We can easily fetch logs and even modify the location if they occupy more space.
    - Syncing of entities like opportunities, feed, custom objects, case etc by maintaining the latest state of the entity.
    - History supported.
    - Attachments are supported.

    We provide many more functionalities. You can reach out to us for your custom demo here:



  • Jeff Callahan

    Currently we only have ~200 Enterprise Customers, but ~10k Accounts in Salesforce .  We have created Organizations for each of these Customers in Zendesk. Also we have created a Custom Organization field where we manually populate the Salesforce Account ID.  

    I would like to sync Account information from Salesforce to Zendesk only for the these 200 Customer Accounts using the SF Account ID (not the name).  Is this possible?

    Currently we are using the Account ID for the Ticket Mapping.   

  • Lawrence Owen

    Hi Jeff,

    Unfortunately, this isn't possible at this time as you cannot map based on the account ID.  I apologize for any inconvenience.

    Let me know if you have any other questions!

  • Yuri Mylis

    Hi Jeff,


    Our new Bulk Sync mechanism allows you to define the fields on which organizations and accounts will be matched. You can read more about it here

  • Patti Handley

    I'm curious if there are any plans to update the sync to allow you to control which SFDC field is mapped to the Zendesk organization name field.

    We have multiple accounts in SFDC that have the same name, and we need the ongoing sync to be able to accurately identify which is which. Right now our only workaround is to not use the sync and manually update all of our Orgs on a nightly basis. 

    Are there any other creative workarounds that anyone here has developed to overcome this limitation? 

  • Fred Thomas

    Hi @Patti,

    Accounts ->> Organizations is mapped based on name. I would like to understand your use case better to see if we can identify workarounds for you. A support ticket has been opened up and we can work on this issue there.


  • Travis Abdelhamed


    We want to be able to Sync SF Accounts to ZD which have a particular value on an account level field. This seems to be able to do that using a filter.

    We also want to be able to sync SF contacts to ZD which have a particular value on a contact level field. This also seems to be able to do that using a filter.


    My question is once you turn on the sync, will it go through existing accounts/contacts, see if they meet the criteria (filters), and then add the accounts and contacts to ZD? Or will it start the sync moving forward.

    I would think that there would be an option to do a historical sync, but i do not see any mention of that in this article.



  • Nicole - Community Manager

    Hey Travis - 

    There are two types of sync for Salesforce and Zendesk. There's "Bulk Sync" which is a one-time one, usually performed when first setting things up. Then theres the "Ongoing Sync" which starts when you turn it on and goes forward. 

    With both you can use what's called a "picklist" filter, which is what I believe you were referring to. You should be able to set it for either level of field. 

    In Bulk Sync, it will go through and will add anything that isn't already in the system, effectively performing the historic sync you're asking about. 

    Let us know if that helps or if you have any further questions!

  • Travis Abdelhamed

    @Nicole - Thank you for the explanation!

  • Nicole - Community Manager

    you're welcome!

  • Ruud Stechweij

    Jessie Schutz wrote in another ticket: '... it seems that the bulk sync functionality is not available on the Professional edition of Salesforce; it only works on Enterprise, Unlimited, Developer and Performance editions. '

    Does the 'one-way, ongoing sync from Salesforce to Zendesk' work with Salesforce Professional? It seems like it doesn't.

    Other ticket:

  • Benjamin Towne

    Hey Ruud!

    The 'one-way, ongoing sync from Salesforce to Zendesk' does work with the Professional Edition of Salesforce.

    Are you running into issues with getting it running correctly?

    You're going to want to make sure that full system admins are the users to sign in on either side (ZD and SF) when connecting the two systems together.

    On the Salesforce side of things if you take a look at the Zendesk Support Logs tab you might find a few events with some additional details on why the sync it's working correctly.

    Hope this helps.

  • Patrick Rockwell



    I have a few questions around the sync process

    1. Is there anyway to strictly set the matching criteria on the account to organization and contacts to users based off a common external ID between the two systems?  Right now you can set more than one criteria, however at the end of the day it's best to link systems based off of a field that will not change (Names and Emails can change).
    2. Is there a way to set the sync so that a the creation criteria is different from the update criteria?  For example, we want organizations to create when a certain field on the Account has a certain value, but we also want to update that org in Zendesk if that value were to change.
    3. Is there a way to only choose to update, not create through the sync?  Our intended workflow is to only push updates from SFDC to Zendesk, but are leveraging a different process to create them.  From the options available, there only appears to be a toggle between Enable Updates, not enable creation.  Or am I misreading the article and the sync only updates information that fits this criteria and to create new records, I have to run a daily job ( to do so?

    Any help would be greatly appreciated.

  • Bryan Matias

    I can't get this plugin working correctly. My issues are:

    Do I contact Zendesk support for this is Salesforce?

  • Sergei Dudko

    Hi Bryan!

    Thanks for letting us know about this. It seems that one of the agents is dealing with your query already and issue relates to Salesforce subscription plan and its permissions.

    Let us know in that ticket if you need additional assistance.

  • Bryan Matias

    Thanks - for anyone else, issue was that I upgraded from a very old version directly to the newest.

    Fix was to re-install the plugin. Cheers!

  • Nicole - Community Manager

    Thanks for sharing, Bryan!

  • Eric Eric

    Sorry, but I still don't understand about organization email domain. Can we create tickets on SF side with automatically creating Accounts with name just from email domain? So that we don't need to create organizations in Zendesk but can use only email domain for automatically creating Accounts.

  • Cristian Ene

    Maybe what i need is super easy to do but i don't really know how to do that.

    We have a custom field in ZD called company. 

    I want that to be auto populated from SF - Account name 

    Can it sync once a ticket is created? 

  • Molly VS


    It sounds like you want to create Account Names in SF without necessarily creating an Organization in Zendesk, is that correct? If you want to create the account name based on the email domain, then I might recommend domain mapping in Zendesk. This allows you to create Organizations based on email domain. Since the Organization is by default mapped to Account Name, those fields would automatically sync when a ticket is created. More about that here: Automatically adding users to organizations based on their email domain


    Account Name can only be linked to Organization fields. If your custom field in Zendesk is an Organization field, you can map that to SF - Account Name.

  • Barbara

    Hi there,

    Can you sync to more than one instance of Zendesk? 



  • Wilfred Kaw

    Hi @Barbara,

    I'm afraid that is not possible. The integration only allows a one to one relationship between a Zendesk and Salesforce instance.

    Kind regards,


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