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    Ben Speich

    I created two new date field in Zendesk, however i cannot get them to sync to SF. I have created them in SF and have them on the page layout, however the data does not sync over. I have two fields so i tried one as a DAte and one as a Date/Time and neither are working. Next steps?

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    Amy Dee

    Hi Ben! You can configure Salesforce to show Zendesk ticket data on a Visualforce page. If you do that, then custom date fields should be displayed correctly on the ticket. Unfortunately, syncing a Zendesk date field with a Salesforce field or ticket object is not supported at this time.

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    Alice G

    Hello! My company is looking into setting up integration with Salesforce, but we use Zendesk as our primary support platform and we'd prefer to deal with tickets there. Is there a way to export tickets from Salesforce into Zendesk, instead of the other way around?

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    Ben Saffran

    Hello Alice!

    Unfortunately there is no way to sync ticket data from Salesforce to Zendesk via the integration at this time. That being said you could look at exporting the ticket data from salesforce, and then you could use the Zendesk API to import the data back into your Zendesk account.

    You can find more about our ticketing API at the link below.

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    Seth Wylie

    I'm in the midst of setting up the portion of this integration that will create Accounts and Contacts in Salesforce when Zendesk passes it a ticket that does not have an Account with a matching name and/or a Contact with a matching email address. However, I would like to keep a VERY CLOSE EYE on the Accounts and Contacts that are getting created in Salesforce. Is there any information that gets stamped on the Salesforce record that indicates that it came from this integration? (I could probably just look for records where my Salesforce user is the creator, since I did the oauth, but I'd prefer to use a way that's more reliable throughout the future for us to audit these records that are getting created.)

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    Martin Grøn

    Hi Ben,

    I only have one Zendesk option in Salesforce - and it is only called Zendesk - I am not sure What I am missing to get the 3 options.

    How do I get the 3 others, I am sure I missed a guide somewhere?

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    OpsHub Dev Team

    Hi Ben and Alice,

    We support out of the box integration from Salesforce and Zendesk. You can visit our product OIM (OpsHub Integration Manager) in the Zendesk marketplace.

    - Simple mapping of custom fields and data syncing.
    - Syncing of entities from Zendesk to Salesforce and vice a versa(Bidirectional).
    - Support of comments and attachment syncs.
    - History Supported.
    - No special API configuration

    We also provide many other features. To explore the features you can reach out to us for your custom demo here :



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    Is there any way that we can match a Zendesk Organisation to a Salesforce Account via a custom mapping? Our Accounts in SFDC do not match Zendesk, but we would still like to send ticket data, not just view it via visualforce. I would envisage support entering the Account ID from Salesforce into a custom Zendesk field for mapping purposes.

    We need the tickets themselves so that we can use salesforce for reporting and output information using a document generation tool.



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    OpsHub Dev Team

    Hi CI27,

    To understand your problem statement, a ticket should be synced according to the organization of Zendesk mapped with the account of Salesforce, and support  will add the Account Id in custom field while creating a new Zendesk ticket.

    It is possible by OIM (Opshub Integration Manager) to sync the ticket data though the Salesforce account and Zendesk Organization are different.

    You can reach out to us here and we can discuss the use case in detail and display a demo

    Opshub Support

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    Yuri Mylis



    Yes, that's possible.

    You can use the new Bulk Sync feature to sync organizations and users between Zendesk and Salesforce. It has flexible matching criteria, so you can match on whatever field you like (up to free criteria). Once synced, a Salesforce ID will be placed on objects in Zendesk.

    So the next time a ticket is sent from Zendesk to Salesforce, that Salesforce ID will be used to determine the account against which to log the ticket in Salesforce.

    You can find more information about Bulk Sync here

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    Mike Sharpe

    The very first step here says there will be a new trigger called "Create a record in Salesforce when ticket is solved," and I do not have that? I have followed all the instructions up to this point.

    What am I missing?

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    Travis Rider

    Hello Mike,

    When connecting to Salesforce the trigger is created but by default it's set to Inactive. When you get a moment go to the admin section (gear icon)>business rules> triggers and check the inactive tab. (kindly see the image below)


    If the trigger is there, you can activate it by hovering over the trigger title and clicking the three dot icon to the right, then click activate.

    If the trigger is not there, please let me know and we can take this into a ticket for further investigation.

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    Nicole Chan

    Hi, I am new to Zendesk, I would like to review the current configure between SFDC and ZD, our current pattern is user create new organisation in ZD which we never sync to SFDC before, and I would like to sync Organization to Account. Here I have some questions:-

    1. we manual create organisation in ZD, but we are using customer code instead of account name, in this case, should I use the bulk sync to update the organisation (map to Account Name in SFDC).

    2, once the organisation name update, and enable update to "Accounts - organisation" , will those organisation on-going sync with SFDC?


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    Atul Verma (Edited )

    Hello, I am facing lill problem in finding App Setup option in left panel as shown in this documentation:

    Here is my screen :

    And when I click on "Manage App" option as shown in this picture:

    It still does not have an option of Zendesk ticket as shown in this documentation.

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    Jessie Schutz

    Hi Atul!

    Hopefully this isn't a silly question...did you check the drop-down menu under your name in the upper right corner of the screen?

    I ask because in the screenshots Erin accessed the setup menu through the dropdown on her name.

    Let us know if you don't see the setup option there and we'll dig deeper!

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    Jennifer Mares


    I am trying to get Zendesk Tickets into Salesforce. I have followed these directions and tried adjusting the active trigger, but I am still not having success. I actually got one ticket to go over, and I have no clue what made that one different from the others. I want all the tickets to integrate to Salesforce. Am I missing something?


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    Jessie Schutz

    Welcome to the Community, Jennifer!

    My first thought is that the tickets that didn't get sent over have an attribute that prevents the trigger from firing, whereas the one that did get sent did not have that same attribute. But that's just an educated guess...I'll see if I can get somebody more knowledgable about Salesforce to weigh in.

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    Scott Bowler

    You mention "When Zendesk sends ticket information to Salesforce, if an exact email match is not found between the ticket requester and a Contact (not a lead), you can automatically create a new Contact in Salesforce, if you want. If you opt to create new Contacts for unmatched ticket requesters, you can also set a default Account for those new Contacts."

    However I can't seem to find any instructions for how to turn on this feature - please could you help!

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    Dwight Bussman

    Hi Scott

    That feature can be enabled within the General settings for the integration as shown below:

    If you leave the Default Account blank, it should create a new Account based on the Organization from Zendesk.

    Please let us know if this helps to answer your question!

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    Katherine McAuliffe

    Under the section for Editing your target and trigger in Zendesk I see step 4. Use the Ticket Information drop-down menu to select Send full ticket details as a custom option.


    What/where is the Ticket Information drop-down menu? What screen is this located on?

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    Jessie Schutz

    Hey Katherine!

    It looks like Yuri created a ticket for you about this. Let us know if you need anything else!

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