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    Ben Speich

    I created two new date field in Zendesk, however i cannot get them to sync to SF. I have created them in SF and have them on the page layout, however the data does not sync over. I have two fields so i tried one as a DAte and one as a Date/Time and neither are working. Next steps?

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    Amy Dee

    Hi Ben! You can configure Salesforce to show Zendesk ticket data on a Visualforce page. If you do that, then custom date fields should be displayed correctly on the ticket. Unfortunately, syncing a Zendesk date field with a Salesforce field or ticket object is not supported at this time.

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    Alice G

    Hello! My company is looking into setting up integration with Salesforce, but we use Zendesk as our primary support platform and we'd prefer to deal with tickets there. Is there a way to export tickets from Salesforce into Zendesk, instead of the other way around?

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    Ben Saffran

    Hello Alice!

    Unfortunately there is no way to sync ticket data from Salesforce to Zendesk via the integration at this time. That being said you could look at exporting the ticket data from salesforce, and then you could use the Zendesk API to import the data back into your Zendesk account.

    You can find more about our ticketing API at the link below.

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    Seth Wylie

    I'm in the midst of setting up the portion of this integration that will create Accounts and Contacts in Salesforce when Zendesk passes it a ticket that does not have an Account with a matching name and/or a Contact with a matching email address. However, I would like to keep a VERY CLOSE EYE on the Accounts and Contacts that are getting created in Salesforce. Is there any information that gets stamped on the Salesforce record that indicates that it came from this integration? (I could probably just look for records where my Salesforce user is the creator, since I did the oauth, but I'd prefer to use a way that's more reliable throughout the future for us to audit these records that are getting created.)

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    Martin Grøn

    Hi Ben,

    I only have one Zendesk option in Salesforce - and it is only called Zendesk - I am not sure What I am missing to get the 3 options.

    How do I get the 3 others, I am sure I missed a guide somewhere?

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    OpsHub Dev Team

    Hi Ben and Alice,

    We support out of the box integration from Salesforce and Zendesk. You can visit our product OIM (OpsHub Integration Manager) in the Zendesk marketplace.

    - Simple mapping of custom fields and data syncing.
    - Syncing of entities from Zendesk to Salesforce and vice a versa(Bidirectional).
    - Support of comments and attachment syncs.
    - History Supported.
    - No special API configuration

    We also provide many other features. To explore the features you can reach out to us for your custom demo here :



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